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Indian Leopard
5 50.00%
Giant Panda
5 50.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Indian Leopard v Giant Panda
Nice to have a panda on a matchup now. I'm not sure who'd win, since the panda is bigger and bulkier but the leopard is quite the skilled predator. I'll make it a tie here.
This is the only time I will ever consciously inject bias into a matchup opinion: I hope the leopard kills it.
Ok this is my opinion on hypothetical matches between paradus vs ursids.

Leopard vs Sloth Bear:
Sloth Bears will likely win, it's sheer size would allow to pin down the leopard if they both manege to both grab on each other. It's a prey animal that was designed to fight back rather than fleeing.

Leopard vs Sun Bear:
I say it's a close 50/50. They both can reach similar sizes depending on region. The leopard still has a chances, it's claws are sharper and more are likely used a weapons compare the ones with sun bears. But it still has a bear like personality and strength to make it even.

Leopard vs Panda

While pandas can be aggrassives, they lack skills of fighting and predator insticts to attack. So far, the only thing that pandas have been recording doing is eat bamboo, shitting and sleep all day. A leopard have killed a similar sized tiger and injured gorillas badly. If you ask me, that's more impressive then killing a slightly heavier vegan bear.

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