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Dinosaur Replicas - Youtube video & T. rex skull model update
My fledgling Youtube channel

Figured it was about time to give Youtube a go
This is my first attempt at a promo but hey you've got to start somewhere!

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Wahey! following a busy summer, my photographer friend has a little spare time, so I should be having the rex models photographed this week.
I didn't want to put the models on Shapeways until I had some photos but in the meantime I've been messing about with some 3D renders in the style of a stand mounted model.

[Image: rex_02_square_1200_by_strick67-dcn5x11.jpg]

[Image: rex_01_square_1200_by_strick67-dcn5wjw.jpg]

[Image: rex_03_square_1024_by_strick67-dcn5xae.jpg]

I don't think we'll be able to match the same lighting in the studio but the photos will be done blue-screen (or green-screen) so I'm hoping to drop in the same red background.

[Image: rex_04_square_1200_by_strick67-dcn5xnr.jpg]

[Image: rex_03_tall_by_strick67-dcn5xfv.jpg]
Weren't you Strick67(?) from the previous forum?

If so, it's good to see you here.
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]
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(09-19-2018, 03:39 AM)Ausar Wrote: Weren't you Strick67(?) from the previous forum?

If so, it's good to see you here.

Yep that's me, when the forum changed over I took the opportunity to use the name I've been associating with my dinosaur modelling. Thanks for the warm words, it's good to be back. I'm still pestering everyone with my dinosaur skull re-creation obsession Big Grin

I've just returned from Mushroom Imaging studios so the photos should be ready soon.
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Finally getting version 2 of the Tyrannosaurus skull on Shapeways. If you followed the W.I.P. thread from the previous incarnation of Carnivora, you'll be aware it's part of a larger collection of models. Initially only the skull and foot are ready. This weekend I'm preparing the neck/skull and dual-detail versions which I hope to roll out over the next few days. 

I've probably held on to this far too long but I really wanted to have actual photos (not 3D renders) before I put this out on Shapeways. As always Russell at Mushroom Imaging did an excellent job getting some good angles and capturing fine details.

Had an busy evening yesterday sizing the 7 scale versions for the skull and foot. There's sometimes a bit of tweaking required to get the smaller scales past Shapeways checks.

Shapeways links here-
Tyrannosaurus skull on Shapeways (version 2)
Tyrannosaurus foot on Shapeways

Examples shown in photos are 1:20 scale, brush painted with artist's acrylic paint and lightly coated with a compatible gloss varnish for protection. Display stands are perspex and 2mm piano wire.

[Image: skull_rex_deviant_01a_by_strick67-dcnfhgm.jpg]

[Image: foot_rex_deviant_01a_by_strick67-dcnfjvu.jpg]

[Image: skull_rex_deviant_04a_by_strick67-dcnfjlq.jpg]

[Image: claws_of_the_king____t_rex_foot_by_strick67-dcnfka2.jpg]

[Image: skull_rex_deviant_02b_by_strick67-dcnfj2o.jpg]

[Image: foot_rex_deviant_02a_by_strick67-dcnfkjq.jpg]

[Image: skull_rex_deviant_02a_by_strick67-dcnfitu.jpg]

[Image: foot_rex_deviant_03a_by_strick67-dcnfl1d.jpg]

[Image: skull_rex_deviant_03a_by_strick67-dcnfj9p.jpg]

More stuff coming soon
Third model from the collection now on Shapeways.
Managed to get the 3D print files and photos sorted today.

T. rex skull & neck on Shapeways

Exactly the same feature set as the skull but this one includes the first 9 cervical vertebrae of the spine.
That just leaves the 2 dual-detail rex models to complete the set. I'll start working on those tomorrow and hope to have them ready by the weekend.

[Image: neckskull_rex_deviant_01a_by_strick67-dcnr7l1.jpg]

[Image: scale_model_tyrannosaurus_rex___skull_an...cnr7tu.jpg]

[Image: neckskull_rex_deviant_02a_by_strick67-dcnr8f7.jpg]

[Image: neckskull_rex_deviant_04b_by_strick67-dcnr9zg.jpg]

[Image: neckskull_rex_deviant_01b_by_strick67-dcnr8vb.jpg]

[Image: neckskull_rex_deviant_04a_by_strick67-dcnr9bb.jpg]
Big Grin 
OK then, here's the final model for the Tyrannosaurus collection, I'm calling this one the Dual-Detail Rex Head (at least until I think of a better name Big Grin ).

[Image: dual_rex_head_01a_by_strick67-dco2exc.jpg]

If you remember the final posts of my W.I.P thread you'll be aware it comes in lipped and non-lipped versions to reflect the current scientific debate about the subject. This is a 3 piece model and assembly with a suitable glue is recommended this time. Initially only 2 scales for this version- 1:20 and 1:16. Sometimes I get requests for other scales for the skulls so this may change.

Shapeways link - lipped rex
Shapeways link - non-lipped rex

A few more photos of the lipped version (we call her Scarface).

[Image: hh_flesh_rex_photo_71a_by_strick67-dco2fh0.jpg]

[Image: hh_bone_rex_photo_66b_by_strick67-dco2f7v.jpg]

[Image: hh_flesh_rex_photo_80a_by_strick67-dco2gke.jpg]

[Image: hh_bone_rex_photo_17a_by_strick67-dco2fud.jpg]

[Image: hh_flesh_rex_photo_71b_by_strick67-dco2g3f.jpg]

[Image: hh_bone_rex_photo_19b_by_strick67-dco2grh.jpg]

[Image: hh_flesh_rex_photo_80b_by_strick67-dco2h53.jpg]

[Image: hh_bone_rex_photo_17b_by_strick67-dco2gai.jpg]

It feels like I've been chipping away at this thing forever and I've just filled over a week prepping models, photos and the like but I think I'm finally putting rexy to bed (mostly).

I say mostly because of course nothing's ever really finished. There's always something to add or tinker with so I may re-visit this thread with an occasional update. Also I haven't printed myself a non-lipped model yet so there'll be more photos if/when I get round to it, I fancy a croc-like olive green with rust-coloured eye horns for that version.

It's good to get the work out there at last, hopefully I'll make a few sales on this but we'll see. I'm sure I'll be back here with a new project at some point.
Had a couple of requests to make the T. rex skull available in bronze and silver. Shapeways metal materials are crazy expensive but I suppose that should be expected. Don't know if anyone can afford this but here it is at 1:20 and 1:16 scale.

Shapeways link here

If the Celts were ever into dinosaur art, maybe one day something like this will turn up in a field in Norfolk!

[Image: bronze_rex_deviantart_01_by_strick67-dcoftu7.jpg]

[Image: bronze_rex_deviantart_02_by_strick67-dcofun4.jpg]

[Image: bronze_rex_deviantart_03_by_strick67-dcofuut.jpg]

[Image: bronze_rex_deviantart_04_by_strick67-dcofv4j.jpg]

[Image: bronze_rex_deviantart_05_by_strick67-dcofvli.jpg]
I've now got High resolution photos of my projects in My Behance Gallery
Also some 3D renders and process pictures, somewhere else I've found to show my work.

[Image: behance_gall_pic_by_strick67_dcys9pj-pre.jpg]
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