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Tiger growl Vs Lion Growl
I doubt you would notice the difference if you were there without a fence around them.
[Image: 1nKsIij.gif]
I never down played the tiger at all and I believe the fight could go either way. The tiger's roar is just as scary even though its roar is not as loud as that of a lion.

[Image: t70ok8.jpg]
There are many variations in cat vocalisations though, & some are indeed, convincing threats.
(04-19-2019, 05:04 AM)Sher Khan Wrote: Both of these beast's roars sound mighty and majestic. The lion's is a little louder and can travel more distances, however, the tiger's is slightly deeper and more scary.

Yeah exactly both are mightly loud ! Roar and growling both are scary !!
[Image: t70ok8.jpg]
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