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Name a Impressive Individual Animal
She doesn't have a name, but she should! What a set of tusks!

The last photos of Kenya’s ‘elephant queen’. These incredible photos were taken by Will Burrard-Lucas on the plains of Tsavo in Kenya. The female, known for over 60 years as F_MU1 has died of natural causes, and was one of the last remaining super tuskers in Africa. ‘If I hadn’t looked upon her with my own eyes, I might not have believed that such an elephant could exist in our world.’

[Image: 53817090_2421374157896126_46381208377596...e=5CDA79B7]

[Image: 53098689_2421374304562778_18588289806190...e=5D25CEA7]

[Image: 53243842_2421374417896100_80546787036674...e=5D0A8134]

[Image: 53764570_2421374531229422_83652117798353...e=5D140B19]

[Image: 53832712_2421370567896485_37265208882464...e=5D0FF07F]
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
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[Image: TPARRHI-W130_G2+HY12RAYAL2LEOPARD.j.jpg]

Regular visitors to Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, especially school children, need no introduction to ‘Balaji’, one of the favourite inmates in the enclosure for the wild. The news of Balaji’s ill-health due to old age has caused concern in those who regularly throng the zoo.

It was in February 1998 that the leopard sneaked into the zoo premises from the abutting Tirumala forest, when it was caught in a cage and named as ‘Balaji’. While the life span of a leopard is 12-15 years and the average weight 55-65 kg, Balaji weighed a whopping 113 kg then, when it was around 12 years of age. Now, at the age of 27 years, the big cat weighs 143 kg, which is almost unheard of, especially for animals bred in captivity for such a long period of 15 years.

Balaji died on June 11, 2013.
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