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Create your own villians
Can the battle royale begin now?
Name: HeroOrVillain,Pale Green Knight
Age: 30
Height: 6 ft 3 inch, originally 5ft 3 inch
Weight: 90 kgs, originally 50 kgs
Physical Description: Tall (originally small, skinny, feeble, and nerdy), mascular, green eyes, brown hair
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons:Wears shoes, has the energy of a green, purple, and white star, black aura given by evil black death plus energy of a black hole, he has green huntsman spiders coming out of his mouth.
[Image: 185px-Micrommata_virescens_%28Arcugnano%29.jpg]
Personality: Intelligent, charming, cruel, vengeful, a psychopath in extreme, sadistic.
Backstory: He plays as both a hero (to win the world over) and a villain (like Hitler once he gets his way). He ruled Titan, Saturn's moon for about 17 years before coming to earth and becoming the pale green knight. After he was bullied on Titan, Evil Black Death took him to planet Paradise to command a green darning Megalodon to become a black hole, a green darning short faced bear to become a green star, a green tiger to become a lime star, a green hybrid bear to become a lime star, and a green and red basilosaurus to become a white star. These animals were killed after that and all that power was transferred to HeroAndVillain when he was 13 years old and he became Evil Black Death's vessel to possess.
Abilities:Great endurance and fighting abilities. Learns skills in only one day.
Weaknesses: He has only as much power as Green Light Bearer/Evil Black Death gives him and despite being stronger than even Isolated Warrior, he is not the strongest in the universe.
Additional Information: The Green Mantis team were the  weakest of the team and that was where HeroOrVillain was placed. His split personality made him get picked on by the Red Dragons.

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Name: Shūen
Age: Unknown, likely as old as the concept of creation existed
Gender: Presumably male
Species: theorized to be an "Ultimate God"
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Physical description: Pitch black hair with one white eye with black pupils and one black eye with white pupils.
Picture: Eventual
Clothing: A pitch black Heian era noble robe and a goldengolden  Imperial crown with a Ruby on the forehead. A massive black scythe reminiscent of Chinese Ji halberds or dagger axes. Everything around him appears to lose color.
Personality: Lacks human feelings to a certain extent. Logical, straightforward, shameless, manipulative, destructive, "apocalyptic".

Backstory: As much as I'd like to tell you Shūen's backstory, I don't have one and don't intend to make one. His whole existence is supposed to be a complete mystery in the "Arrival of the Celestials" series in which he served as the final antagonist. One thing that is known at the point where he is first introduced to the story is that his only goal is destruction, enough of it to counterbalance all of the creation that occurs in the realm. For that, he goes from universe to universe, slaying their gods and causing the universe to collapse. Later in the timeline, he is theorized by some to be an "Ultimate God", old beings who have existed before existence even was a thing, before anything ever was and ever would be. Before time was even a thing, which makes being before it kind of hard, and even before the First Imperial God, who had made it so things could be. Basically, before all and everything, even before things that were before all and everything. Shūen's destructive wrath was eventually stopped by the Ōkamis (Great Gods) when they defeated him once and for all, or so it is thought.

Powers and abilities:
Overwhelming destruction: Shūen's scythe annihilates all form of physical existence that it touches. Only divine energy and beings or objects imbued with divine energy are capable of withstanding onslaughts from it.

Divine physiology: As a (presumed) god, Shūen is impossible to kill with physical means and has to be put down with divine energy. Being a god also comes with all of the fancy stuff like flight, immense strength, speed and durability and virtual immortality, as well as the power to project divine energy into attacks such as energy blasts or explosions.

Weakness: Like any god, clashing against Shūen with enough dlivine energy will mean destroying him. However, his main weakness is the countering of his destruction with creation. All of his attacks centered around destruction can be rendered completely powerless by abilities centered around creation of matter. Finally, his lack of understanding of emotions and straightforward thinking can mean he can sometimes fail to predict human enemies' actions or think outside the box.
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Since you worried about your last villain being too powerful, I see you took steps to avoid it with this villain.
He is adequately powerful for a final antagonist, yet it is clear that the heroes stand a chance against him (albeit a small one).

Allow me to introduce the true villain (debatable, as he is barely a character) and final boss in the Senders. He is also arguably the one who closest fits the description of the Sender.
Name: Desmistus
Age: 5,000 years
Gender: Used to be male as a Primogenitor (like humans and unlike Sappus, Primogenitors have a binary gender system)
Species: Primogenitor (formerly), spaceship (now)
Size: 3 m tall as a Primogenitor, has a diameter of about 8 kilometers as a spaceship, his ovoid shell is 10 km long.
Weight: I don’t know, I’d need a calculator for this. Probably several thousands tonnes.
Appearance: As a Primogenitor: Tripodal, orange with red blotches, a hammerhead, trilateral symmetry (three arms, three legs, three fingers).
As a spaceship: A white ring with a grey shell
Picture: As a Primogenitor, he resembles the Idirans from The Culture:
[Image: 7d22d7abba00283870e05bafd80383e6.jpg]
As a spaceship, he looks like this without any shell:
[Image: antimatter_starship.jpg]
With the shell:
[Image: med_Leviathan.jpg]
Occupation: Spaceship
Personality: He does not have much of a personality due to being brainwashed.
Backstory: Desmistus used to belong to an alien race known as the Primogenitors. One day, he uploaded his brain into the computers of a spaceship. He was piloted by another Primogenitor whom the protagonists would later give the silly name „Alienship“ (spoiler: she uploads her brain into a computer, too). Alienship steered Desmistus closer to a mysterious alien artifact. As it turned out, the artifact contained a rogue AI (profile comes later) who brainwashed Desmistus into releasing it so that it can assimilate all minds in the universe into its pocket dimension. However, it was stopped by the Primogenitor’s Mother AI, Fountainhead. As a last disparate measure, the AI then released a virus to destroy the whole Primogenitor civilization if it can’t assimilate it. Fountainhead also created a virus of her own and almost completely destroyed Desmistus’ ability to function. Desmistus used his last intellectual resources, to steal five AI chips from Fountainhead. AI chips in general were an invention by Fountainhead for sapient species like baseline Primogenitors (or baseline humans, or baseline Sappus) to attain all the benefits of a transsapient (e.g. a transhuman, a transPrimogenitor or a transSappus, you get the point) without changing their personality much. These five specific AI chips were inventions by Fountainhead to give these sapients protection against the rogue AI’s virus, too.
Desmistus fled to Earth because it was just outside Fountainhead’s sphere of influence and Desmistus knew that it was inhabited by sapient species who could be modified by the AI chips (Desmistus is so damaged by Fountainhead’s virus that he needs a pilot). He reached Earth during around the 18th century and dropped a rocket containing the five chips into Antarctica. It was not until the 21st century when Mustafa Ay discovered one of these chips and kickstarted the events of the Senders.
Goals: He is determined to find the Cipher and release the AI who has brainwashed him beyond everything else.
Crimes: See vileness
Threat level: To the whole wormhole network which has a radius of 900 lightyears and contains about 12 million stars.
Combat capacity: Low superhuman as a Primogenitor. High to very high superhuman as a spaceship.
Vileness: Difficult to judge, as he is brainwashed.
Competence: He is barely a character and does not take direct action against the heroes until the climax when Ay frees him from his virus, so this is difficult to judge.
Abilities and standard equipment:
-Super intelligence: Desmistus can think a million times faster than a human and outsmart anything below his intelligence level. He is so smart that he could singlehandedly turn an uninhabited solar system into a high-tech civilization (with lifeforms he created himself). Unfortunately, Fountainhead’s mind-destroying virus has rendered this ability useless.
-Warp drive: In the core of his ring, Desmistus has a warp bubble he can use to contract the universe before him and expand the one behind him. Like this, he can reach up to 70% of the speed of light before the warp bubble becomes unstable and collapses.
-Invisibility: Desmistus’ can block all the electromagnetic radiation for him so that he looks invisible to the naked eye and to sensors. The only EM radiation he lets through for his very fine sensors looks like random background noise to us. Also, he can cool himself down to the temperature of space (3 K) to turn invisible to heat sensors.
-Plasma bolt: Fires a laser-guided plasma beam which can render entire planets uninhabitable. Far stronger than any nuke.
-Neutron radiation: A deadly stream of neutrons which severely destroy’s the target’s health (you can look up what it does in Wikipedia). Can be released directly or as a side effect of the plasma nuke.
-Nanobots: Do you think he lacks those? They can also repair damage done to his hull.
-Self-replicating fighters: Self-explanatory. He can release fighters which can make copies of themselves from the surrounding material.
-As noted above, his brain was damaged by Fountainhead and he has very little agency over the course of the story. It is for this reason that Desmistus does not take direct action against the heroes until at the climax when Ay thinks it's the right time to heal him.
-When his warp drive fails, it explodes spectacularly and destroys him, too.
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So, another „villain“ for my story. Two more to go.
Name: Worm
Age: 5,000 years
Gender: Inapplicable
Species: AI/Comuter malware (a computer worm, duh)
Size: Obviously, it has no physical limits
Weight: Ditto.
Appearance: Differs
Picture: For obvious reasons none.
Personality: Well, it is barely a character.
Backstory: Billions of years ago, an advanced alien race feared that another one race might compete with them for resources. Hence, they set up computers all over the galaxy who would assimilate all members of any civilization who would discover them so that they consume less resources. The aliens planned to kill anyone who would get assimilated anyway, but that way, they’d be defenseless and their death would be less cruel. The Primogenitors discovered one such computer (who will later get a profile and a cool name, suggestions?). However, Fountainhead locked this computer away.
Since the computer’s goal was to minimize resource use and the most humane way of doing so could not be accomplished anymore, it just decided to kill everyone. And that was what the virus was made for.
The virus was what destroyed the Primogenitor civilization as it infected just about everyone. Even the Jupiter-sized AI Fountainhead got infected and locked itself away. In a last desperate defense, Fountainhead created the AI chips as a defense mechanism.
It should be noted that the existence of Worm is one of the strongest arguments Ay has in favor of assimilating everyone. If everyone is assimilated, Worm
Goals: Infect as many sapient creatures as possible.
Crimes: While it lacks moral agency, what it does is quite horrifying. Getting infected by Worm almost always involves brainwashing and a horrific mutilation of the body. Plus, Worm’s slaves sometimes go as far as ramming entire spaceships into planets.
Threat level: To the whole wormhole network which has a radius of 900 lightyears and contains about 12 million stars.
Combat capacity: Low cosmic.
Competence: Frighteningly high. The Worm virus is so competent that most do not even try to oppose it and just do its bidding.
-Super intelligence: The reason Worm can spread to so many computers is its excellent manipulation. If planet only has one InterPlaNet user, it can persuade the user to spread Worm around the whole planet. It can tell the user that its release is inevitable and if they do not help, the user would be tortured horrifically (these threats work because of how authentic they are).
The Sappus try to guard themselves from Worm by letting all computers that communicate with spaceships be offline and instruct anyone who gets a message from Worm to just kill themselves..
-Nanotech production: Worm does not need internet access to spread. No. Once it gets its fingers on a nanotech printer, it can program nanobots to spread its disease all over the planet and even alter the hardware of computers it wishes to affect. A particularly devious way of spread is through producing nanobots and shooting them in orbit where they look like normal debris. Once a spaceship rams them, they infect the board computers and the crew and thus spread the virus further.
-Mind control: One of Worm’s ugliest abilities. Worm can overwrite your entire personality and make you believe that death is most beautiful thing in the entire universe and that you must share it with everyone you know. You just want to cut everyone into pieces, disembowel them and eat their intestines (in that order, if you are merciful). But most importantly, you just want to die yourself. Once it infects you, you are basically part of it.
-Pathogen production: Sometimes, it can also create biological viruses to infect biological creatures, though the borders to the above are of course blurry.
-Body horror: Worm can make you grow extra limbs, extra eyes, turn your muscular tissues into calcium or your bones into stone. It’s not pretty.
-Stealth: It can masquerade itself as an innocent file to avoid detection.
-Software evolution: The reason why it can bypass nearly any form of firewall imaginable is that it is ridiculously adaptive.
-The AI chips are immune to worm. That’s because Fountainhead designed them with an algorithm which can decipher Worm’s evolution and always keep up with it. An AI chip user can control a swarm of nanobots with a radius of 10-100 m to protect themselves from Worm’s pathogens.
Name: Eli 'Hawk' or TheHawk
Age: 16 initially, 28 (Finally)
Height: 5ft 6 inch
Weight: 70 kgs,
Physical Description: (originally small, skinny, feeble, and nerdy), mascular, lean mean fighting machine, blue green eyes, dark blond hair(dyed blue and red, green after Vain Glorious became rogue).
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons:Wears shoes, has the energy of a cyan , black aura given by evil black death plus energy of a black hole, two Japanese katanas given to him by his sensei Makimura/ The Assassin.

Personality: (Initially shy, under confident, quirky) Intelligent, charming, cruel, vengeful, a psychopath in extreme, sadistic.
Backstory:  Originally a high school nerd named Eli Leonard. His favorite film is 'Big Bang Theory' and the animal he likes most is the hawk. Eli Leonard was sent to boarding school by his parents who never really cared for him and because of his wierd mannerisms and talking like Sheldon Cooper plus with a height of only 5 feet 6 inch and skinny frame made him the victim of bullying both physically (by Kyler Lim and friends) and teased (especially by the Queen Bee and her 'hot plastic' group). Not being able to cope with the bullying, Eli wanted to run away from school but was stopped by his room mate (a social reject and outcast) named Lucas Red who introduced him to his martial arts master named Makimura, the third runner up in the previous Bloodsport Tornament (the same Makimura who was disarmed by Adolf Smidt and kicked out of the ring by Isbjorn Daelander). Makimura took in Eli and trained him hard a cruely. For the first three months, Eli was made to clean and do chores in the newly made Red Rattlesnake dojo in New York. Besides doing chores, Eli was made to run ten rounds a day around the dojo. Eli at times wanted to quit but Lucas reminded Eli that he was once a bullied boy and four years ago and this is how Makimura trained him. The reason why there are only 10 people in the dojo is because the Red Rattlesnakes dojo is not like any other martial arts dojo but is a way of life and most quit in the first two months.

After two months of doing chores (which is for muscle memory), and running around the dojo, and doing all sorts of physcal work, Eli Hawk became much stronger and his endurance and physical appearance improved dramatically but he still learned no fighting skills. Makimura who grew to like Eli encouraged him to endure the training and bullying for one more month. One month later, Eli Hawk released what the chores were made for. Eli Hawk was even thought how to use weapons and even insignificant objects like books as weapons. Eli Hawk was even thought to be charming. Makimura had tried to train Lucas Red in that area but to no avail.

Eli was now ready to strike back. He did a make over and dyed his hair with a blue and red mohawk and had a tattoo of a hawk on his back. Eli was renamed Hawk or Eli' Hawk'. Eli 'Hawk' walk up to Kyler Lim who was talking to one of the 'hot plastic' group. Kyler Lim wanting to show his superiority pushed Eli 'Hawk'. Eli 'Hawk', however, responded by punching Kyler in the solar plexus and tripping him to the ground before putting him in a headlock. Kyler's gang tried to come to his rescue but was easily taken down by Eli 'Hawk' ho had learned to fight multiple opponents. Eli 'Hawk' became popular and was recorded on youtube and his popularity also boosted the popularity of Red Rattlesnakes (many of his schoolmates joined the dojo that day). Eli 'Hawk' even won the heart of the second in command in the hot plastic group and for the first time had a girifriend (not just any girlfriend but one who was nominated to become the prom queen this coming prom). 

Makimura rewarded Eli 'Hawk' with a uniform of his own and made him and Lucas Red his assistants in the Red Rattlesnake dojo. Eli 'Hawk' used his new found popularity to charm all the other girls in the 'Hot Plastic' group including the Queen Bee herself and dated all of them behind each others backs. When they found out Eli 'Hawk' had been cheating on them, the 'Hot Plastic' Group dispersed in the prom and left the school for good. Thus, the position for prom queen was vacated while Eli 'Hawk' became nominated as the prom king. Eli 'Hawk' claimed he didn't need a prom queen as he could have any girl he wanted and even openly declared it was fun breaking the hearts of the most popular girls in school. Eli 'Hawk' and Lucas Red did not go to college but became Makimura's permanent assistants and co instructors.

On Eli 'Hawk's 18th birthday, Makimura took him to Japan to introduce him to his students in Japan (leaving Lucas Black behind to take care of Red Rattlesnakes dojo in USA). Makimura even took 'Eli' Hawk to China in order to learn shaolin kung fu. In fact, Makimura planned to enrol both Eli 'Hawk' and Lucas Red in the upcoming bloodsport tournament in Thailand. He did not enroll them in Bloodsport China as he did not want them to meet Adolf Smidt or be killed by either Chong Li or Beast. As a reward for their dedication, Makimura thought them the ultimate Red Rattlesnake move as an aid for the battle. Ten days before the fight, Eli 'Hawk' and Lucas Black enjoyed a life a party. They now know all the moves thought to them by Makimura. In fact, Eli 'Hawk' learned everything in only two years. 

Abilities: (Originally weak and is pushed around even by the mean girls). Great endurance and fighting abilities. Learns skills very quickly.
Additional Information: He became Bjorn Daelander's (Vain Glorious') disciple and followed him everywhere till the death of his teacher.
If his fight with Kyler got recorded on YouTube, how did his absolutely excessive self-defense escape the teachers' notice?
(05-18-2019, 08:20 PM)Jinfengopteryx Wrote: If his fight with Kyler got recorded on YouTube, how did his absolutely excessive self-defense escape the teachers' notice?

He is in a lawless generation where these under 18 get away with anything. Remember, Hawk has been bullied for years and the teachers did nothing.
Are the boarding school and the children going there from poor backgrounds? Because normally, I'd expect such children to go to a more conventional school. A boarding school who is that lawless would quickly go bankrupt. Unless this is in a really poor and run-down area and everything else is even worse.
I think you could flesh this out a bit, since an interesting setting on Earth could give your franchise some novelty.

I'm right now searching a name for my next villain. It should be some sort of extradimensional eldritch abomination beyond comprehension, so maybe something unpronounceable and scary?
The thing about Eli 'Hawk' is his parents don't care for him and the boarding school is willing to except anyone as long as they are rich. Plus Kyler goes back to his own home after school so he does not live in the hostel like 'Eli' Hawk. There is a lot of corruption going on. Makimura is not just Eli 'Hawk's sensei but father figure.
The thing is, unless this is the only school in existence, the majority of rich parents would send their children to a different school.

I'm not saying there can't ever be a prestigious school that is lawless, but you'll probably have to go in more detail about your setting to make it more believable. What sort of country, state or city is this school located in?
The school is located in New York, USA. Eli Hawk's parents are from a different suburb.
I was actually expecting you to invent some own city, because if your city is real, people will wonder why the parents won't send their children to a better real-life boarding school.
Basically, the laws of economics demand that your boarding school must have qualities that make it desirable for parents to send their children there.

P.S. I don't want to sound overly negative, so I want to point out that I appreciate how you are focusing on Earth as well for once.
If I were to publish the story, there are lots of things I will not include (e.g. The alien xenomorphs and predators) as I do not want to get in unnecessary trouble but like I said before, I am laying down the skeleton
@OldGreenVulture I've been working on a fight between Killer Kazanshin and Evil Black Death for a while now and I'm almost done. It's in the same style as Jinfeng's battle but only a duel between the two. I'm already done with the analysis and almost done with the fight, but I want to be sure I have your authorization to post it. It goes without saying that you can write your own version as we may have different opinions of who would win, and in the end, it doesn't really matter who won as long as we have fun writing and imagining the fight. So, do I have your accord?
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