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Create your own villians
No worries, you are free to use my characters for the battle Royale anytime you like even if our opinions are different.
Thank you for your accord, good friend! I'll get to it right now then!
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Here are my last two villains. Note that I’m not satisfied with the former’s name.

Name: Its exact name is impossible to pronounce. The Primogenitors have given it various names, but trying to assign words to their sounds would be like expressing a dog bark in a word. Possible ways to romanize its name are S'crsh-ni'tu'rah or Bl’hrmn. Humans often call it Götterdämmerung.
Age: Millions, possibly billions of years.
Gender: -
Species: Extradimensional eldritch abomination (artificial intelligence)
Size: As it inhabits an entire tesseract-like pocket dimension, its limits are hard to determine.
Weight: -
Appearance: No human, no Primogenitor and no Sappus can wrap their head around this thing and its multidimensional pocket dimension. One Primogenitor expedition crew investigated it and reported that half of their members lost their eyesight completely and even forgot what it was. Many committed suicide. Just looking at this thing drives humans and aliens insane.
Personality: -
Backstory: Götterdämmerung was built by an advanced alien race known as „They“. It has been programmed to assimilate all members of any civilization who would discover it so that they consume less resources. One day, the Primogenitors found a wormhole inside a black planet-sized cube orbiting a black hole. Said wormhole sent them to the pocket dimension in which Götterdämmerung lurked. However, Fountainhead locked Götterdämmerung away to reprogram and investigate it later.
This forced Götterdämmerung to pursue its secondary goal: If the others could not be assimilated peacefully, a virus named Worm would have to wipe them out.
Should anyone release it from its prison (what Ay is planning to do), it will call back the virus and just continue with the assimilation.
Goals: Either assimilate or destroy everything in sight.
Crimes: -
Threat level: To the whole wormhole network which has a radius of 1,800 lightyears.
Combat capacity: Low cosmic.
Competence: High.
-Super intelligence
-Assimilation: The basic concept is that it creates a more benevolent version of Worm which rewrites its host’s entire brain to become a perpetually happy entity. Over time, Götterdämmerung sends minions who bring these entities to big supercomputers and upload their brains into them.
-Creating ridiculously potent viruses like Worm.
-It can only affect our universe through proxies. Thus, it can just be locked away

Name: „They“
Age: Billions of years.
Gender: -
Species: Alien hive mind
Size: They are spread all across the Milky Way.
Weight: -
Appearance: Unknown
Personality: Unknown
Backstory: No-one knows how „They“ evolved. Not even them. Asking on which planet „They“ originally evolved would be like asking for the exact hot spring in which the first molecular replicator on Earth evolved.
What we do know is that they have colonized the entire galaxy, although they mostly live in computer simulations or pocket universes. Most of them live in a supercomputer orbiting Saggitarius A. However, they still require energy and resources. For this reason, „They“ try to make sure they are the only advanced alien civilization in existence. For that, „They!“ have two solutions: The more humane option is to turn all other minds into blobs which can feel nothing but happiness so that they do not strive to advance and consume more resources. If that does work, they have to kill everyone. Götterdämmerung can create a computer virus for each of these two options.
Goals: Keep entropy low.
Crimes: -
Threat level: To everyone in the Milky Way.
Combat capacity: Low cosmic.
Competence: Invincible. No-one, absolutely no-one in the Senderverse is a threat to them.
-Galactiforming: Within the Milky Way, „They“ are nigh-omnipotent. Making stars live longer, creating and destroying black holes, re-arranging Zodiacs as they wish, you name it. „They“ don’t engage in this often, but they can definitely do it.
-FTL-travel: „They“ are rumored to have created reaction less drives which can bypass the light speed barrier.
-Pocket universe creation: Essentially, „They“ can create new universes within ours where the laws of physics take a lunch break. Götterdämmerung inhabits such a pocket universe.
-Indifference. Perhaps the only reason humans are still alive is the fact that they don’t notice us. Götterdämmerung is basically one of their white blood cells.
I think I said I was going to create my own superhero, but I opted for a villain instead. Here it is.

Name: Set the Obsessive

Age: 20 years

Gender: Male

Species: Kryptonian-Saiyan hybrid

Size: 1.65 m tall

Weight: 63.5 kg

Appearance: Young humanoid man with prominent, spiky black hair (turns gold and becomes increasingly longer with Super Saiyan forms; turns red and blue with Super Saiyan God forms). Muscular. Looks like this, but instead wears clothing like this. Has a special solar radiation-absorbing suit of armor that looks like this. Still has monkey tail for Great Ape transformation and as an effective fifth limb.

Backstory: Analysis of Set’s DNA shows that he was born to an unknown Kryptonian mother and Saiyan father from a galaxy completely different from that of the futuristic, medieval fantasy planet he inhabits. Of course, the inhabitants of said planet aren’t familiar with either species, and just classified his parents’ species according to the powers that they were deduced to possess. Set ended up being kidnapped from his parents shortly after birth, and a series of thefts and trades of Set and his space pod resulted in his transportation to the planet he would later call home. The space pod he arrived in was severely damaged upon entry to the planet he would call his home, but it revealed that three of the letters of the planet the pod came from are “E-rt-” before shutting down completely due to damage. Set was discovered and initially raised in a village guarded by a heroic knightly order that aims to rid their planet and their galaxy of evil. This village was the subject of nigh on perpetual warfare with anything from hostile local tribes to even rival countries. As such, Set would find himself caught up in constant training and combat to become a member of the knightly order that protected his village. Now, had Set grown up with his biological parents, he would certainly have been hailed and feared as an extraordinarily powerful being, given his Kryptonian and Saiyan heritage. On the planet he inhabits, he is much more powerful than he most likely would have ended up being otherwise. But amongst the extraordinarily powerful monarchs, warlords, warriors, and other beings and creatures on his planet, he is nothing special. In fact, for all his latent power he was noted for being relatively weak at an early age. This prompted much vicious mockery and derision from many of the people he was surrounded by. After much training, fighting, killing, and studying (the knights expect good warriors to have book smarts as well), he eventually became respected just enough to be knighted and become the king’s bodyguard (even though the king is still much more powerful than he is…go figure).

- Knows nothing of either his Saiyan or Kryptonian heritage, having been kidnapped from his biological parents shortly after birth and having no access to technology that would have explained it to him (as was the case for Superman). However, he is aware of the immense power he wields and how most of his powers work (barring his weakness to kryptonite).
- Retains Saiyan love for fighting and Kryptonian intellect. By a certain point, however, he is less willing to make a decision that could severely jeopardize his goals simply for the sake of a good fight (as an example, he would not have given Semi Perfect Cell the chance to transform into Perfect Cell).
- Has a chip on his shoulder as a result of all the mockery and bullying he received for his initial weakness. He is willing to go to great lengths, even cross (our) moral boundaries, to prove he is fit for his role as a knight and as the king’s bodyguard.
- Does have a sense of heroism and ridding his world of the evil monarchs, warlords, and other rulers that plague his planet (an Infinity Blade-esque planet, but the inhabitants are FAAAAAAAR more powerful), but grew up under the influence of a harsh, quasi-medieval culture with much lower moral standards than 21st century Earth. As such, he has no problem with (in fact, fully advocates) barbaric practices against enemies (e.g. torture), and therefore has a very twisted sense of justice. Is willing to harm or kill even innocents if they happen to cross him or to spite his enemies (e.g. loved ones of enemy soldiers).
- While he is abhorred by the suffering of innocents (at least those who do not get in his way), he takes great pleasure in witnessing or learning of the suffering of his enemies. Seeing captured enemies from war or political opponents being tortured brings him great joy.
- Easily frustrated, stressed, and angered. May subsequently hold some regrets for impulsive actions, but other times may not.
- Set’s harsh, stressful lifestyle has led him to find appreciation in the visual arts, some forms of music, and luxury.
- Sometimes known as the “Overkiller” for sometimes using more than necessary to kill foes or continuing to attack the remains of enemies he had already killed. He justifies this as making sure that his opponent has indeed died.

- Mass slaughter of several villages, cities, and other establishments, including both legitimate enemies and innocent people.
- He has made shallow ventures into other planets, but has not found any native inhabitants. In fact, there were sapient inhabitants of those planets, but have somehow gone undetected by Set. Unfortunately, he unknowingly spread diseases to these aliens and managed to kill the vast majority of them off before either of them even heard of each other (this is arguably the crime for which he is least morally culpable).
- Tortures enemies; methods can include anything such as crushing people between rocks with his vast strength, use of a rack-like machine, or use of a Judas cradle-like instrument, etc.
- Gives out cruel punishments such as rewiring nerves and pain receptors such that every sense of touch to victim’s body is one of excruciating pain, to destroying/disabling serotonin and dopamine receptors (such that victims are no longer able to feel any pleasure or enjoyment from anything).
- Set was once involved in a siege where he captured the captain of the opposing army and the captain’s sister, who was living in the city and had no involvement. On multiple occasions he forced the two to fornicate with each other against their own wills as punishment, before both died under the deplorable conditions of Set’s dungeon. There is very strong evidence suggesting he used this form of punishment against other people as well.
- He also utilizes more visually obvious physical forms of punishment. This can include impalement of the anus or vagina with massive, sharp wooden stakes (a la Vlad the Impaler), leaving sharp objects (e.g. arrows) embedded in victims’ bodies and forcing them to live with such, etc.
- Captures those he finds useful for his goals and brainwashes them to his cause.

Future directions:

- Set recently discovered a solar system where the inhabitants live much like native Americans. He in particular discovered an Aztec-like civilization in one region. Although he has not done anything there yet, he plans to invade the planet and take its treasures for the crown and himself.

Vileness: High. While his primary goal in life is to rid his planet of legitimately evil figures, he himself is willing to resort to extreme cruelty and harm of innocent people in order to achieve this goal, and extremely horrific acts as a means of punishing those who act as obstruction.

Threat level: To his planet. He has, however, recently picked up interest in other parts of the universe/multiverse.

Combat capacity: High cosmic. For…being a Kryptonian-Saiyan hybrid.

Competence: High to very high.

Abilities: As a Kryptonian-Saiyan hybrid, Set is an exceptionally powerful adversary. His Kryptonian powers granted to him underneath a yellow sun (i.e. superhuman strength, speed, durability, senses, reflexes) vastly multiply the same superhuman attributes he already has due to his Saiyan physiology. Some Kryptonian powers can also be amplified by ki or vice versa. For example, heat vision can be amplified by ki. Ki blasts can be amplified by solar radiation. Even super powerful gusts of wind blown from the mouth, which have been known to be employed by sufficiently powerful warriors in the DB verse, can be made even more powerful by Kryptonian super breath (and as a bonus, can now freeze opponents). Apparently, like Superboy (Connor Kent), he also has the ability of tactile telekinesis; this seems to be on its way to developing into full-blown telekinesis. He can transform into an Oozaru (a 10x multiplier) and/or a Super Saiyan up to "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan" (Super Saiyan Blue*), vastly augmenting his base power even further. As refinement to his raw power, Set possesses unmatched prowess in various martial arts, making him a highly skilled fighter like both Goku and Superman. Set has also invented numerous high tech weapons and armor that are capable of being used against super-powered entities, distributing them amongst his armed forces.

*The exact mechanism through which he obtained this form is unknown. One story goes that he had been given knowledge of acquiring this power by a mysterious being and undergone a ritual with five other “righteous Saiyans”, as is supposedly needed. This being reportedly did not specify the name of the Saiyan race, but instead derisively referred to them as “savages” the whole time. This left him remaining in the dark of his actual heritage.

- Kryptonite. His lack of knowledge of his true heritage and what kryptonite is could be used to one’s advantage, at least initially.
- Red solar radiation. Sort of. This will only take away the powers granted to him by Kryptonian physiology; he can still use abilities granted to him by Saiyan physiology, so he remains very powerful. Unlike kryptonite, Set has been under a red sun before, and has taken note of the effects it has on his powers. He has fashioned a special suit of plate armor that constantly absorbs yellow solar radiation when not in use (it is condensed into one tiny spot in his clothing and expands to cover his whole body when activated); if under red solar radiation, he can activate this armor so that it transfers stored yellow solar radiation to his body, letting him retain his Kryptonian powers. This can be done as long as he has the armor or until the armor runs out of stored solar radiation.
- Magic. Sort of. Can just use ki to block it, unless he's low on ki.
- Tendency to “overkill” is a double-edged sword. While he may make sure that he incapacitates or kills one enemy, this may leave him open to attack by another.
- Brute force. Like his ancestors, he can be harmed or killed with brute force. A loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttt of brute force.
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