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predation of leopards to other carnivores
hi people  Big Grin  
this thread is made to share images of leopards preying on other carnivores.

leopard kills honey badger
[Image: BNP-119.jpg]

[Image: BNP-133.jpg]

Leopard - genet

[Image: leopard-kill-chobe-safari-lodge-590x390.jpg]
Leopard kills cheetah:

Quote:A big male leopard recently killed a well-known female cheetah, known by researchers as Rongai, near Sala’s Camp in the Masai Mara.
The dead cheetah was found hoisted into a tree, where the leopard had been feeding on its prey for a while. The leopard, named Mukubwa, killed the cheetah late at night, pulled her up a tree and then feasted on her carcass for a full three days.
Here are a few graphic images taken by Femke, from the Mara Cheetah Project, an organisation that monitors cheetah populations in and around the Masai Mara.
[Image: DSC_4653_small.jpg]
[Image: DSC_4659_small.jpg]
[Image: DSC_4687_small.jpg]


Leopard kills Spotted Hyena:
[Image: Leo.png]
[Image: Leo2.png]
[Image: Leo3.png]

Photos: Leopard kills caracal
Quote:Photographer Dietmar Willuhn captured these striking (and slightly unsettling) images of a leopard with an unusual catch in Botswana’s Selinda Game Reserve back in November 2012.
[Image: caracal_leopard_1_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: caracal_leopard_2_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: caracal_leopard_3_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: caracal_leopard_4_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: f3b9d5aef-1.jpg]
[Image: caracal_leopard_6_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: leopard-vs-caracal.jpg]
[Image: caracal_leopard_7_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: caracal_leopard_8_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]
[Image: caracal_leopard_9_2016-02-16.jpg?width=7...cale=false]

Photo: Leopard at serval kill
[Image: f9Whbm5.jpg]
Leopards killing crocodiles:

Quote:These are the incredible pictures which show the first ever leopard attack on a crocodile.

Hal Brindley snapped the amazing moment a leopard snatched a crocodile at a South African game reserve on the only occasion this behaviour has ever been documented worldwide.
[Image: article-1036216-01FE662400000578-461_468x286.jpg]
[Image: article-1036216-01FE657900000578-301_224x423.jpg]
[Image: article-1036216-01FE65E100000578-69_224x423.jpg]
[Image: article-1036216-01FE654500000578-449_224x423.jpg]
[Image: article-1036216-01FE660F00000578-789_224x423.jpg]
[Image: article-1036216-01FE653B00000578-367_468x286.jpg]
Leopards killing jackals:

^ Excuse the annoying background music

Some photos:
[Image: fcjOowK.jpg]
[Image: 4i8Gzus.jpg]
[Image: HZg56Sx.jpg]

Leopard cub kills Jackal:

Leopard kills wildcat:
[Image: KEHPX5f.jpg]

Leopard at African Wild dog kill:
[Image: 5qQyLgV.jpg]

Leopard kills civet:
[Image: leopard-cub-kill.jpg?itok=jJcDLFlC]

Leopard hunts Martial eagle:

[Image: LNS-01-KH0007-01P.JPG]
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[Image: IMG_8924-copy.jpg]
Female leopard vs bateleur eagle.
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Leopard kill african wild cat

[Image: itumeleng_leopard_6_2016-09-27.jpg]
[Image: itumeleng_leopard_7_2016-09-27.jpg]
[Image: itumeleng_leopard_5_2016-09-27.jpg]
[Image: itumeleng_leopard_12_2016-09-27.jpg]
[Image: itumeleng_leopard_2_2016-09-27.jpg]
[Image: itumeleng_leopard_8_2016-09-27.jpg]

Leopard kill lion cub

[Image: vw5ggdpx7ca11.jpg]
[Image: 2rxaefk.jpg]
Leopard - bat-eared fox

[Image: 69d9fa7a338ab1ed2483b7c4d47fa0b4a954c456.jpg]

Leopard - jackal

[Image: ND5_8630a-XL.jpg]
[Image: Wildlife-12-small.jpg]
[Image: Young-Leopard-Masego-with-kill-of-a-Cape...00x300.jpg]

Leopard - jackal and wild cat

[Image: leopards-prey-in-a-tree.jpg]

Leopard - mongoose

[Image: b0b3ae6193b020f83cc4f70c30085bfc3033c65b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0444.jpg]
[Image: Familymatters-3.jpg]
[Image: nottens-with-her-prey.jpg]

Leopard - civet 

[Image: 2a6cf06f696812d160022db8ec2f19f8d05f103c.jpg]

Leopard - black-backed jackal

[Image: 96ae6758559be3d363be75a6a8f342aed8afb04d.jpg]
Leopard - Serval

Leopard - cheetah
[Image: leopard-post3.jpg]

Leopard - dhole
[Image: Dhole_killed_by_leopard.jpg]
Dhole killed and cached in a tree by a leopard, India

[Image: Maxabeni-with-hyena.jpg]


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