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Animal Characters: Tropes and Trends
What are some notable tropes that animal characters in fiction tend to fall under? What your favourites and least favourites (i.e. hyena always bad, lion always good)? Any you try and incorporate yourself into your own characters if you have any?

Really just a place to discuss fictional animal characters at large.

I'm not sure if this has actually been done outside of one very specific example from my childhood, but this character is usually an older female, and a large species than the rest of her supporting cast, she is usually kind and gentle but is somewhat quick to anger and becomes a fearsome fighting force when pushed to it.

My example is Constance the Badger from the Redwall book and TV series. What I liked about her is that her gender really didn't matter, the fact that she was a female badger (ergo less strong than a male badger) didn't matter because her enemies and allies were rats, mice, weasels, hares, owls, cats, etc. She had some seriously epic fight scenes and was regarded as the main danger to the enemy force, even over the hero (who was a young mouse thrust into a position of power, another archetype there)
Gummy bears and  care bears were one of my favourite.
My most hated trope is Cats Are Mean. Seriously, its like most of Western Animation HATES cats. Just look at most cartoons involving cats like Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, etc. and you'll see that cats are treated like evil buffoons that get up beat up by either a mouse or a dog. Disney's a lot kinder to felines (with The Aristocats, The Lion King, etc.) but even they are guilty of this trope, like Lucifer from Cinderella and Si and Am from Lady & The Tramp.

To those who say cats are quote on quote "overrated" clearly haven't watched these cartoons. I get its just animation and I still love these animation studios all the same, but it seriously bugs me half the time.

To be fair, I also don't like how some media also portrays domestic dogs as dumb or clumsy either.
Walt Disney famously hated cats, that's why most cats are bad guys in the movies when he was alive, and most cats in the movies after he died are good.
I think thats just a rumour. If he really hated cats he wouldn't have made this documentary:

There are also movies he made when he was alive that had good cats (Figaro in Pinocchio, Sgt. Tibbs in 101 Dalmatians, etc.)
Plus there was a rumour that he was afraid of mice (despite his most famous mascot being a mouse lol).

I think Warner Bros is FAR worse when it comes to this trope than Disney is.
Sylvester, the black and white cat always seems to be unfortunate.

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