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Visual Comparisons
(08-23-2018, 04:21 AM)Atrox Wrote: I have a question maxilla, wouldn't it makes sense that most toothed whale's body width immediately behind their skulls are just as wide/thick as the back of their heads? The wider the skull gets, the part of the body immediately behind of the animal needs to be correspondingly as wide.

(otherwise you'd get some weird looking animal). 

Just asking since some members from the old server compared them to the modern sperm whales instead of other extinct toothed whales.

I'd say so. Even in modern sperm whales, the width of the body following the skull is just as thick as the head.

That being said, it seems as though a Livyatan would be even wider than a modern sperm whale due to the fact that it's head is so much more robust.

[Image: Sperm-whale-adult-skull.jpg]

Above is a modern sperm whale, and below is an orca skull:

[Image: 152265869860_1.jpg]

Appearance wise, a Livyatan skull actually seems to resemble an Orca's.

I feel as though it would be unreasonable to assume that the whale's body would be thinner than the base of it's skull.
[Image: ltiZ2aC.jpg]
[Image: 2df100078a93cf4421af]

I do believe it would had used it's teeth as "Anchors" to get a proper grip while doing more than just doing a chomp but instead also lateral shaking and twisting to tear a chunk or damage it's prey items.
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
[Image: YfHLNEc.jpg]

[Image: rashel.jpg?1508996132417143]
[Image: ogromnyyburyymedvedkhishchnikbolshemesya...3337397952]

This is a Sumatran tigress and a sun bear.
[Image: image.png?width=501&height=311]
[Image: image.png?width=500&height=312]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
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[Image: capevsbisoncomparision.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
[Image: 2cxgmlw.jpg].
Black Bear and Striped Skunk.

[Image: CaiXp4n.png]

[Image: mUxRTxE.png]

Black Bear and Raccoon family

[Image: rOmEIOC.png]

Black Bear and Spotted Skunk

[Image: cAI42jh.png]

Some size comparisons between koalas and domestic dogs that I found. Of course, this can get inaccurate at times due to the fact that dogs love to breed with other dogs of different sizes! Thus, the offspring will end up mixed, which changes their size, gives them unique characteristics (If the parents were of different breeds of course.) which in turn makes them look different when compared to pure breeds. Oh, and sometimes, adolescents look very much like adults (Well, for me at least!).

Anyway, the first one appears to be a small greyhound next to a koala. Could be a youngster.
[Image: LFLkkpf.png]
This next one is stated to be a staffy.
[Image: g5WyP6f.png]
A young koala on top of a GSD.
[Image: zoology-animals-features-animal-friendsh...B4055R.jpg]
(ง ื▿ ื)ว
354kg Wild boar and Adult grey wolf.
[Image: GvRlVR8.jpg]

[Image: entral-view-of-the-skulls-of-two-wild-bo...r-East.png]
entral view of the skulls of two wild boars from Sardinia (bottom) and Russian Far East (Ussuriland) (top). Specimens from the Natural History Museum in Berlin. It shows that the size variation is not due to sex or age differences, as the two specimens are both males and have similar levels of tooth wear, which indicates that they are of similar age (Photograph by Umberto Albarella 2002). 
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
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This is Jankowski in his new home in what was then Korea. It wasn't easy to leave Russia in the early roaring twenties and settle in a new place. Pigs were hunted to sell, but they were as scarce as tigers in those days. Jankowski met a man who was willing to tell him where they were if he was willing to return the favour. He was.

This photograph was taken in Korea. The Jankowski's (his sons also hunted for a living) shot almost two dozen. The average weight  was just over 420 pounds. Not remarkable, but he added nearly all were sows! The boars were quite a bit bigger, but they didn't taste ok. No wonder tigers were larger in those days.
[Image: 2Cylq7J.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
[Image: thylacoleo carnifex size.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
[Image: Kelenken+guillermoi+ave+del+terror..jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
[Image: 2qsth8j.jpg]
[Image: 07100206.jpg]
[Image: 062500311.jpg]

[Image: cNWCxiH.jpg]
[Image: GMe0lAo.jpg]

[Image: hJyDYky.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]
^Bertus the rhino came from my home zoo! He was always such an impressive and breath-taking animal, I’ll miss him now that he’s moved on.
Both females
[Image: RgNDSvn.jpg]

female jaguar and male cougar
[Image: yaguarete-puma.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_pc9a0oenV21rxvbcd_540.gif]

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