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BIG dinosaurs size and mass encyclopedia
Hi guys. Today i want to start a little project. During the last 5-6 years or so a massive revolution in the dinosaur world occurred. Many mass and sizes estimations where corrected and reviewed thanks to new findings and adoption of much better means of measuraments (mainly GDI). The result is a cluster of confusion and informations spread across the net. So today i want to start a little encyclopedia of updated dinosaur masses (the most famous and large ones) and sizes based on the latest estimations to regroup all the informations in a single easily accessible place. It will be WIP for some time...

Source and credit for material goes to: Paleoking, Bricksmashtv, Franoys, Scott Hartmann and Randomdinos

We will start with the largest dinosaurus that we know:

[Image: brachiosaurus_altithorax_chart_by_bricks...ct-pre.png]
Both similar in aspect lived at thosands of kilometers of distance. B.a. lived in North America and had a more bulkier construction, while G.b. lived in Africa and had a more lighter structure (but was longer). 
Brachiosarus Altithorax when adult reached a lenght of 24.8 meters and a mass of 37100 kg based on the Potter creek speciemen. The upper size of the B.Altithorax is in the 40-43000 kg range. Big but far from the biggest.

Giraffatitan Brancai was slightly larger based on HMN XV2 speciemen. It reached a lenght of 25.1 meters and a weight of 37800 kg. Like the Brachiosaurus Altithorax the upper size range is between 40-43000kg.

[Image: giraffatitan_brancai_rigorous_skeletal_b...bguvda.jpg]

Often quoted as the highest dinosaur of all times, this species rappresents one of the largest Brachiosaurid to walk on Earth. It lived in North America along the apex predator Acrocanthosaurus. The estimations based on OMNH 53062 talk about an animal 31.9 meters long and a weight of around 45000 kg. It's possible that some speciemens could grow even larger approaching the 50000 kg mark.

[Image: paluxysaurus__sauroposeidon___by_steveoc...ds-pre.jpg]
(no updated reconstruction with correct sauroposeidon neck position exist. I used this paluxysaurus that was very very similar in posture and relative robusticity. Obviusly the sauroposeidon was much larger)

Another big brachiosaurid, a little bit smaller than B.Altithorax and Giraffatitan. This chinese sauropod lived 120 mya and reached colossal dimensions. The speciemen based on NHMG 6729 reached a lenght of 24.6 meters and a mass of 36200 kg. It's possible that larger speciemens could have reached masses around 40000 kg.

[Image: fusuisaurus_zhaoi_skeletal_by_paleo_king-d6zkolu.jpg]
Other large brachiosaurids existed. Some of them even surpassed Sauroposeidon in size.
-From Europe we have "Mano Espana". Estimated to be 24.3 meters long and a mass of 34400 kg
We also have two giants contenders for the title of largest brachiosaurid. Both are known from giant footprints
-Ultrasauripus Ungulatus estimated to be an animal long 26.1 meters and with a weight of 47100 kg
-Gara Samani Trackmaker estimated to be an animal long 27.1 meters and witha weight of 48100 kg


Resurrected as a valid scientific name for an Apatosauirine after many findings and revolutions in the apatosaurus family. This species is probably a result between a "size war" between Apatosaurus and Allosaurus. The adult speciemen based on CM3018 is 22.3 meters long and a mass of 22200 kg. The upper limit of B.Louisae size is probably around 26000kg.
[Image: brontosaurus_louisae_by_bricksmashtv_dcnpb2v-pre.jpg]

Another all time classic sauropod from the Jurassic era that shared it's territory with Allosaurus Fragilis. This taxa is smaller than B.Louisae. Adult speciemens where both shorter and lighter than the B.Louisae speciemens. Based on YPM 4676, A.Ajax reached a lenght of 22.7 meters and a mass of 19700 kg. Larger speciemens could have been well into the 20 ton range reaching 22000kg at maximum.

[Image: Apatosaurus%20excelsus.jpg]
This is a really "big boy". Known from a few remains including a massive vertebra, this unknown apatosaurine probably belongs to a different larger genus than Brontosaurus Louisae since there is far too much mass difference. OMNH 1329 is estimated at 26,9 meters and 39000 kg and was still growing! We have no way to know accurately how much it would have grown, but this Apatosaurus could have very well reached a mass around 45000 kg, making this apatosaurine larger than even Brachiosaurus and many other brachiosaurids.
[Image: utah-apato.png]
One of the largest of the diplocidae family and also one of the longest dinosaurus ever. This "steroided" Diplodocus Hallorum is really big for diplocidae standards. Based on BYU 9025 and adult Supersaurus reached 33.5 meters and a mass of aroudn 37500 kg. It's possible that larger speciemens reached the 40000 kg territory.

[Image: supersaurus_vivianae_by_bricksmashtv_dcpt2ud-pre.jpg]
This long yet lightly built sauropod is another childhood jurassic classic. Living over 150 mya along apatosaurus and brachiosaurus this famous dinosaur was quite small by sauropod standards, but still over twice the weight of a modern african elephant at least. Two genus are present. The smaller D.Carnegii and the larger D.Hallorum
Based on CM 84 D.Carnegii reached a lenght of 27 meters and a mass of 12400 kg. Larger speciemens could have reached 15 tons.
Based on NMMNH P-3690 D.Hallorum reached a lenght of 31.6 meters and a mass of around 20000 kg. Larger speciemens could have reached 22 tons.
[Image: diplodocus_carnegii_cm_84_skeletal_diagr...cvb934.png]

The last and the largest sauropod of North America. This titanosaurid lived in mexico and some mexian gulf  US states and lived along the infamous T-Rex. It reached massive proportions that put Alamosaurus high in the ranking for largest dinosaur ever. The adult based on SMP-VP is estimated to be 29 meters long and 58000 kg in mass. It's very likely that Alamosaurus was one of the few species that reached the 60000 kg mark making this genus one of the largest ever.
[Image: remember_the__adult__alamosaurus_by_scot...64g64u.jpg]
One of the most common sauropods in the Jurassic north america. The great amount of fossil remains in the morrison formation indicated that the Camarasaurus was a very successful and widespread species. This sauropod while big by common standards it's not huge by sauropods standards. Adult based on AMNH 5761 reached a lenght of 17 meters and a weight of 17800 kg. It's possible that larger speciemens reached the 20000 kg mark.

[Image: camarasaurus_supremus_skeletal_reconstru...cuthy2.png]
Entering the reign of real giants we go to south America, where some of the largest dinosaurs (and maybe the largest) walked earth. To start we have the titanosaurid Patagotian mayorum. Based on MPEF-PF 3999 this species when adult reaches a lenght of 28.6 meters and a mass of 53000 kg. It's possible that larger speciemen existed making patagotitan approach the 60000 kg mark. This makes the genus one of the largest, but not the largest.
[Image: patagotitan_mayorum_skeletal_reconstruct...clrjgp.png]
Another titanosaurid. But of the bunch of the big ones this is quite smaller than the rest. On the good side, dreadnought is one of the best preserved sauropod species in the hystory of paleontology. After considerable resizing the final animal is the following based on MPM PV 1156. It reached a lenght of 22.5 meters and a mass of 27740 kg. Larger speciemens could have reached masses around 32000 kg. 
[Image: dreadnoughtus_schrani_skeletal_reconstru...cuweoo.png]
Despite many challengers this argentinian monster is still on the top spot and maybe the only real rival is the "French Monster" (that still has to be accurately described etc etc...). For sure this is a massive animal that dominated argentinian forests and shared it's territory with the animal that was probably it's rival: the Maposaurus. But an adult Argentinosaurus has little to fear. The body lenght of this beast when adult was 32.5 meters and it had a mass of 79300kg. It's possible than even larger speciemens that approached the 90000 kg mark existed, making the argentinosaurus clear from the competition by at least 20 tons. a truly gigantic animal.

[Image: argentinosaurus_huinculensis_chart_by_br...0r-pre.jpg]
Another big sauropod. This time from China. This is the largest sauropod ever discover in China as well as Asia, easily larger than Fusuisaurus. This asian titanosaur reaches a lenght of 29 meters and a mass of 46000 kg. Largest speciemens could have reached and surpassed the 50000 kg mark.
[Image: ruyangosaurus_giganteus_chart_by_bricksm...df-pre.jpg]

Another super titanosaurid. This large sauropod also comes from south America and it's a relative of the Patagotitan. Unlike it's cousin this titan is known from a few massive remains. The body lenght of the adult reaches 28.6 meters and it has a mass of 60000 kg. It's possible that larger speciemens existed and had masses closer to 70000 kg. Puertasaurus at the moment is the second largest dinosaur of all time, surpassing patagotitan and very close in mass compared to large Alamosaurus speciemens.

[Image: puertasaurus_reuili_schematic__by_random...x8-pre.jpg]
Yet another big sauropod from Argentina. This time not on the same massive note as puertasaurus or patagotitan. Futalognkosaurus is much closer in size to Dreadnought instead. The adult based on MUCPv-323 is 26 meters long and has a mass of 30900 kg.
Larger speciemens could reach the 35-36000 kg territory.

[Image: futalognkosaurus_recon_mk__viii_by_paleo...5m5zf4.jpg]
We are back in Europe for a big one of the old continent. The Turiasaurus was for long considered to be the largest sauropod of Europe. But that's likely not the case. However it still a large sauropod. The adult based on CPT 1995-1261 is long 21.1 meters and has a weight of 30000 kg. Larger speciemens could reach 35000 kg.
[Image: turiasaurus_riodevensis_by_teratophoneus...llview.jpg]

[Image: t-rex-skull.jpg]
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Great idea. I hope I can contribute once I find the time.
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Barosaurus Lentus BYU 9024 specimen could potentially be among the biggest. The Biggest French Monster specimen if turn out to be true would be ridiculously huge at 156 tons.
(04-05-2019, 08:13 PM)Bone Crusher Wrote: Barosaurus Lentus BYU 9024 specimen could potentially be among the biggest. The Biggest French Monster specimen if turn out to be true would be ridiculously huge at 156 tons.

If I remember well though, now most people say that it was comparable or a bit larger than Sauroposeidon.
Small corection. It's "Sauroposeidon proteles" not "Sauroposeidon protelens".

Also, you forgot the giant Oklahoma Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670).

[Image: OK_Apato.png]

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