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Dinosaurs from the actual Jurassic period
There's a lot of famous dinosaurs that are depicted in the movies that are named "Jurassic something", but almost none of them are from the jurassic period. Apart from the famous Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus and of course, Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus there were lots of other species that lived during that 50 million year period, and many of these species are completely forgotten. We know almost everything about the T-Rex and a lot of studies are done on Spinosaurus mainly because it killed a T-rex in Jurassic Park 3, but at the same time, an early jurassic theropod Saltriosaurus, that was discovered in 1996, was not properly described until 2018, and all that time it's name was officially considered invalid. Even Megalosaurus, one of the first dinosaurs ever to be discovered didn't appear in popular documentaries. Also, megalosaurids were as diverse as tyrannosaurids, and some of them might be ancestral to Allosaurus. Same is with stegosaurids that lived before Stegosaurus and had different and unique spikes. I think that we should somehow popularize these dinosaurs. What do you think?
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I say only one thing: Torvosaurus.

The Jurassic was the most prolific period of dinosaurs. But logically they were not going to leave iconic creatures of the Cretaceous out. Even more being several of them North Americans....
Torvosaurus at least did appear (in a very badass way) in Dinosaur Revolution so i don't think its popularity is really too low. Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus have appeared quite frequently in the media as well. JP3 has Ceratosaurus and JWFK has Allosaurus (though very briefly). 

But anyway, it's difficult to capture the interest of people without including the name T-rex. Just look at all the Dinosaur News for example. Whenever they discovered a Theropod that is somewhat related to T-rex, the media put the word 'T-rex's cousin' in the title. Or when they discovered a Theropod almost as big as T-rex, they put 'T-rex sized'. Or when they discovered a prehistoric Crocodilian they put 'Giant predator with T-rex's teeth' in the title. Just look at how many scientific papers focusing on T-rex. There are like 2 recent papers both used the most advanced techniques just to estimate the bite force of T-rex but i can't find one f*cking paper studying the bite force of Torvosaurus for example.
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