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Brightburn (2019)

Pretty much Superman if he were like Michael Myers.

That said I really like the premise and much look forward to it (Unless I find out a dog or dogs die in it). One thing I hope for this movie is they keep the reason for being sent as mystery that way it lets you decide.

1. Vanguard of an alien invasion having been sent to destroy civilization so by the time they arrive humanity will be too weak to fight back.
2. Tradition that his species does with their children. Sending them to other planets to take over.
3. His parents knew what he would become and so sent him to another planet to prevent him from destroying theirs.

Also as unlikely as it is I kind of hope overtime as he starts showing his sinister ways. His appearance degrades more into an alien like appearance say insectoid or reptilian along with sharp teeth.

I'm also hoping it ends in an downbeat which I think this is a movie where such an ending IMO would work where he destroys civilization as we know it. I want no matter how hard his parents try to love and help him try to change his ways he's always going to be evil. Nature beating nurture.

Though one thing I'm concerned about is as the trailer seems to imply the spaceship is messing with his mind. I really hope that's not the case as that'd ruin the movie for me due to me wanting Brightburn to be as I stated above just naturally evil.
So brightburn is basically inverse superman.
James Gunn had somthing to do with this movie? No thanks,I've never been okay with pedophile endorsement.

Please for the love of god. Please let there be no dogs in this. I want to see this so badly. I love the concept.

Also I love that Brandon fucks up one of his bullies badly. Nice change for once and the father jumping to disown his adoptive son.
His adopted mother still refuse to give up on him.

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