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Private message problem
Why can't i use private message? I tried to PM a member and i got message saying that i did not have permission. Do i need to add friend someone just to PM them?

P/S: Hey Taipan, if you have times, can you take a look at this problem on my account? Thanks

The message i got when trying to PM or sending someone an email. What the heck?!
[Image: QUQJEk5.png]
[Image: i7b6Ts9.jpg?1]
Looking at your profile, it does not show the option to private message you, only send you a private mail, but I can do so with some other members.
^ I don't know why, i cannot find any settings that say 'Display Private Message'. My Private Message just does not display for some reasons
[Image: i7b6Ts9.jpg?1]

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