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Birds of Prey v Carnivorans
Urban caracals sometimes feast on raptors

[Image: APVwP9.gif]
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Weasels have been known to kill Buzzards:

[Image: Screenshot_2019-04-23-20-44-50-1-1.png]
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Martial eagle kills fennec fox or cape fox?

[Image: Kalahari_October_20170902.jpg?format=300w]

Martial Eagle with Bat Eared Fox Cub 

[Image: 7163263063_fb9425014e_b.jpg]

[Image: d81db439ca1996593105e55cb1d35610.jpg]

Martial eagle kills meerkat

[Image: dbcf1c07490eba3b2dcaa6bb006cf509.jpg]
[Image: Bubo_bubo_1_%28Martin_Mecnarowski%29.jpg]

[Image: eurasian-eagleowl-bubo-sitting-on-260nw-1313896871.jpg]
i could watch this guy narrate nature documenarys all day

 [Image: 75TiAZC.jpg]
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Leopard visits snack-bar in a tree, 'mmm... eagle tastes just like chicken, but this one's a bit fishy':

& dirt-snuffling grizzly nearly gets eyes raked out by aggressive eagle: (Scroll across to 30 secs in).
Eagles attack domestic animals / Cats and terriers

Eagle killed fat cat

[Image: HBoVX9X.jpg]
[Image: vJKJg6s.jpg]
[Image: bXmRVg7.jpg]

Cat fight off golden eagle

[Image: images?imageUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdn.tv2...ression=75]


[Image: j9mQWOh.jpg]
^ To be fair, the "fat cat" in your 1st picture, sure looks like its an already frozen-solid scavenging opportunity,
so maybe it was a 'pampered pet' that got caught outside in very sub-zero climes, overnight?
@Forbiddenip: How do you know the dogs in the pictures were killed by birds of prey? I see no birds of prey in the pictures. I see just some living and dead dogs.
Eagles are killers of terriers

ADMIN - None of those photos had an Eagle in them, so they were removed. No one wants to see carcasses.
Wedge Tailed Eagle kills Red Fox

[Image: 56749101_867061880307141_492239048097031...e=5D32EB8B]

Wedge Tailed Eagle fighting Dingo over carcass

[Image: 13335667_1083953474998248_43671085083511...e=5D6EDB2C]
 [Image: 75TiAZC.jpg]
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Red Fox v Golden Eagle

[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
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Eagle and roadkill cat


Owl and skunk 

[Image: 4338544696_92f001bf18_n.jpg]

[Image: Fy3v1JM.jpg]
^ Shenzi, your caption to the 1st pic of your post should more properly read:

'Eagle with dead cat'.

& how'd we know that dead cat, isn't just some scavenged roadkill?

Here, a curious young lion learns about nesting eagle behaviour:
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foxes in the diet of geranoaetus melanoleucus

[Image: CP8KT4I.png]


Itabaiana: the nest was found partially destroyed, skulls and other bodies of monkeys (Callithrix jacchus), marsupials (Didelphis sp.), Rodents (Galea spixii) and foxes (Cerdocyon thous) were found.

[Image: TE8lfCC.png]

Other carnivores in the diet of geranoaetus melanoleucus: 
  • Galictis cuja 
  • Conepatus chinga 
  • Conepatus humboldii
  • Lyncodon patagonicus
  • Nasua nasua 
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