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Eagle vs hawk vs falcon vs owl pictorial and videos
Eagle vs hawk vs falcon vs owl pictorial and videos
Please share guys.

[Image: t70ok8.jpg]

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[Image: t70ok8.jpg]
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A very interesting 

[Image: mASzX7d.png]
[Image: yPb1vTY.png]
[Image: sTV4G86.png]
[Image: d6nQEp5.png]
[Image: f9u5pI0.png]
[Image: nD2VkVK.png]
[Image: y6T3zbN.png]
[Image: nMGTaUp.png]
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[Image: 67413parksvilleRaptors.jpg]

Quote:The people at Morningstar Gold Club Golf had the pleasure for nearly one week of being able to photograph and see first hand one of nature’s fabulous birds — the great horned owl.

After continuing to get some amazing photos of this raptor over a four or five- day period, it suddenly came to an abrupt end.
The owl was repositioning itself in a fir tree when out of nowhere a bald eagle swooped in and grabbed it from its perch.
It flew over to the golf course, where it proceeded to do what nature intended, survival of the fittest.
The eagle was last seen flying back to its nest on the eighth green of the course to feed its eaglets.
[Image: t70ok8.jpg]
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Presenting Talons deters a Red-tailed Hawk harassing a Bald Eagle:

[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
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