Poll: How far does the dragon make it?
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Round 2
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Round 3
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Round 4
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Round 5
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Clears it
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A 60kg Komodo Dragon runs the gauntlet
Round 1: A 60kg boerboel

Round 2: A pair of African wild dogs, 30kg each

Round 3: A pair of chacma baboons, 30kg each

Round 4: A 60kg Northwestern wolf

Round 5: A 60kg spotted hyena

Images not working, don't know why.
Ow my eyeballs

They hurt

It’s painful
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didn't know this happened...

exited the thread as soon as I made it,

I'll fix it...
I don't see any of the animals on this list standing up the the Komodo's grappling and serrated teeth. Not to mention the extremely strong tail that makes a great defensive option.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I also think the dragon would clear it, though the wolf and hyena stand a decent chance, especially the hyena due to her high durability.

Clicked round 5 by accident, wanted to click clears it
the komodos grappling? thats not anything to worry about unless your another komodo. its the teeth you need to worry about
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(05-04-2019, 06:16 AM)K9Boy Wrote: the komodos grappling? thats not anything to worry about unless your another komodo. its the teeth you need to worry about

Lol agree

Btw good to see you back after your long time away
I've talked about Komodo vs Wolf with Aztec before. I personally don't think the wolf is capable of inflicting a good skull bite against something like the Ora, so the best bet it has is just spinning around it ripping at its feet and legs. Not the best of methods. The Komodo clears this after a lot of trouble but clears it nonetheless.
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Dragon either stops at round 4 or clears it. Honestly I think a wolf would give an ora a harder time than a hyena would.
^ Dunno 'bout that, I'd see the canid 'dance' around the big lizard & alert it to the threat, whereas the hyena might well
just 'bull rush' the varanid & snap-crush its flimsy skull, before the reptile even realised it was now a prey item, itself...
4 or 5 are the harder challenges. Agree with M4A2E4 that the wolf may pose greater threat than hyena - more tactical predator!
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
But the hyena is a significantly more durable. The wolf might be out of the fight after some bites. But the dragon would have a harder time taking out the hyena.

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