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'Animalized' (GoT)
This is something I did a lot when I was younger when I was reading books about (boring) human characters. I'd often assign every one of them an animal and imagine them as either totally anthropomorphic like Redwall or the Disney Robin Hood movie, or just walking around on all fours like something like Narnia. So Harry Potter was a Red Deer, Ron was a terrier, Hagrid was a mammoth, etc. (I'm sure I made a list like this when I was reading the Crucible in High School too lol)

I'm reading through the ASOIAF books just now, and obviously, my favourite part is all the animal symbolism/imagery. So I started thinking "haha what if the Lannisters were all dumb furry lions and the Starks were all dumb humanoid wolves." Then I thought, "wait, what would everyone ELSE be?" and needless to say, I got carried away

(If think of your own versions of this, by all means go for it, but this is really just a place to dump my Game of Thrones list. And trust me, this is the shortened version!)

Arya, Benjen, Bran, Ned, Rickon, Rob, and Sansa Stark, Jon Snow: Dire Wolves
Aemon, Daenerys, and Viserys Targaryean: Unicorns
Balon, Euron, Theon, and Yara Greyjoy: Steller's Sea Lions
Brynden and Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark, Lysa Arryn: Eurasian Otters
Cersei, Jaimie, Tyrion, and Tywin Lannister, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen Baratheon: African Lions
Craster and Gilly: Gelada Baboons
Dothraki: Wild Horses (or Zebra?)
Gregor and Sandor Clegane: Great Danes (freak size)
Hodor and Old Nan: Asiatic Elephants
Howland, Jojen, and Meera Reed: American Alligators
Illyn and Podrick Payne: Western Gorillas
Jon and Robin Arryn: Peregrine Falcons
Jeor, Jorah, and Lyanna Mormont: American Black Bears
Loras, Mace, Margaery, and Olenna Tyrell: Cheviot Sheep
Ramsay and Roose Bolton: Chimpanzees
Renly, Rober, Shireen and Stannis Baratheon: Red Deer
Walder Frey and other Freys: Brown Rats
Unsullied: Blue Wildebeest

Alliser Thorne: Virginia Opossum (Wolverine? Common Raccoon?) 
Barristan Selmy: Eurasian Badger
Beric Dondarrion: Banded Mongoose (or a cat? Because 'Nine lives'?)
Brienne of Tarth: Indian Rhinoceros
Bronn: Spotted Hyena
Daario Naharis: Nilgai
Davos Seaworth: Sea Otter
Eddison Tollet: Donkey
Elia Sand: Indian Cobra
Gendry: Heck Bull
Grenn: Aurochs
Harry Strickland: Dwarf Elephant
High Sparrow: House Sparrow
Illyrio Mopatis: Yellow Anaconda
Jaqen H'ghar: Jaguar
Jon Umber: Mountain Gorilla
Maester Luwin: Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Mance Rayder: Mountain Lion
Melisandre: Secretary Bird
Meryn Trant: Cape Buffalo
Missandei: Thomson's Gazelle
Osha: Elk
Maester Pycelle: Snowy Owl
Oberyn Martell: Red Spitting Cobra
Pyat Pree: Lace Monitor
Qyburn: Lappet-faced Vulture
Samwell Tarly: Tamworth Pig
Shae: Cheetah
Syrio Forel: Grey-crowned Crane
Tormund: Wolverine (Grizzly Bear? Siberian Tiger? Smilodon?)
Varys: Spider Monkey
Ygritte: Coyote

White Walkers are Humans, Dragons are still Dragons, Horses are Ornithomimid or Hadrosaur Dinosaurs (maybe some ceratopsids for war-horses?), Dogs are Dromeosaurs, the Dire Wolves are maybe Utahraptors? Giants are Mammoths and the Mammoths are Sauropods. Thanks for coming to my TED talk
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Ignore what Mondas said WildCat, it seems like you have put quite some thought into this and it probably took some time.
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