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Germanic Warband vs Celtic Britons
[Image: germanic.jpg]

An army of 10000 Germanic warriors from the lands East of the Rhine, armed with langseax swords, framea spears, javelins, slings, longbows (rare) and clubs, armored in chainmail or chest-naked with rectangular wooden shields, led by Arminius of the Cherusci.

Faceoff against.....

[Image: main-6.jpg]

An army of 10000 Celtic Britons from the isles across the British Channel, armed with longswords, lancea spears, javelins, slings, and axes, armored in chainmail or chest-naked with blue warpaint and thureos shields, led by Boudicca of the Iceni.

Yet another battle of the barbarians who defied Rome. The fight is a pitched battle that takes place in an open plain in Gaul.
Not sure about the equipment but Arminius is the better general, having been an officer in the Roman Army whilst Boudicca is a pure barbarian. Overall, I'm not sure but leaning towards the Germanics.
When the Romans in Western Europe wilted, the Germanic tribes took over, & suppressed the native Celts, inc' Britons.
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