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Posting Issues
As some are aware there is a problem with the Post Thread and New Reply posting screens. This is being investigated and hopefully fixed soon.

To post a reply.
The Quick Reply function is fully operational so please use that. You can quote others posts with this function too. Simply hit the Quote button of the post you want to appear in your reply and then at the bottom of the Quick Reply input box, find this : "You have selected one or more posts to quote. Quote these posts now or deselect them." and click the Quote these posts now option. The quote will then appear and you can type away your own information. If you wish to format your post, you will have to manually enter the BBC code to your post. These are those:

If you want to start a new thread:
Click New Thread. Insert the title you want for your thread. Click if you want or enter a Poll or not. Post thread. Enter poll options if applicable. Your new thread will come up with a few formating codes. Click Edit and then select Quick Edit. Enter the data, images/video you want. Format with the BBC Codes :
if applicable and then click Save Changes.

To edit an existing post.
You will have to use the Quick Edit function.

Sorry again for this inconvenience. Any help needed, just ask here!
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Hope is on the horizon. I will be transferring hosts for the forum in the next week or two. I will keep you informed and thanks for your patience.
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