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Display Name, Avatars & Signatures
The use of an Avatar for easy identification & a signature is encouraged.

For those new to forums, here's a guide to changing your Display Name, adding an avatar and/or signature.

1. Click on the word 'profile' under the Carnivora logo at the top of the webpage; then
2. Click on the phrase - 'modify profile' at the top of your 'view profile' window.

To change Display Name, simply type in your new name next to '* Display Name:'. You may want to give your existing display name a capital letter.

To add an Avatar, under the heading 'Personal Information' find the avatar section and you have two choices. Either select one of the existing avatars OR if you would like a personalised one, next to ' Avatar URL:" type in the URL address.
Specify the size in pixels, although 100 x 100 is the maximum size.
If you want a word or phrase to appear under your avatar, simply type this into the section called , "Personal Text:"

To add a Signature, find the signature box, and either type in what you would like your signature to read OR if you would like a photo to appear in your signature, you will need to type in the URL in between these two image symbols, as displayed here - 

The current accepted height on this forum is 250 pixels.

Hope this helps.

[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
It worked. Thanks for the help there.
I have forgotten how to change display name. do i click the section called edit profile after clicking user cp?

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