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Predator - prey relationships
Vivyx Wrote:Title says it all; post any pictures/accounts/videos of predator-prey relationships in the wild.
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
Hyenas kill Crocodile:

Hyaena are typically known to scavenge but the fearless foursome here at Tubu Tree like to find their own food sometimes; and at the risk of their own lives too. One morning we heard what sounded like hyaena fighting, so we headed in the direction of the noise. Four hyaena were seen jumping in all directions looking intently into the shallow water. Suddenly a huge jaw with sharp teeth was seen snapping at the hyaena which gave them a real fright, but this did not stop these hungry dogs from coming back and continuing the fight. A crocodile must have been crossing through the shallow waters to get to deep water when the hyaena came across him. The battle went on for some time and the tired crocodile finally succumbed to the jaws of death. The jubilant hyaena dragged their prize out of the water and started their feast.

[Image: 11Mar-tubnew6_zpsvn2jzmye.jpg] [Image: 11Mar-tubnew7_zpsh3tqwviw.jpg]

Hungry Dogs?

Inverness-shire osprey filmed fishing for trout

18 May 2016 Last updated at 09:47 BST

Footage reveals the precision and strength of one of Scotland's greatest birds of prey as it dives to catch its quarry.
It took Highlands: Scotland's Wild Heart cameraman Lindsay McCrae one week to capture the moment in Inverness-shire.
Every detail is revealed in this footage which was filmed at 800 frames per second.


Coconut Crab predating Redfooted Booby

"In early March 2016, Laidre watched as a coconut crab snatched an adult red-footed booby sleeping on a low-lying tree branch, tearing it from the branch and snapping its wing. Paralyzed, the booby struggled as the crab held on with its powerful claws and kicked with its legs." 

Male Lion kills Wildebeest.

^ Thing to look for is the way the lion gets the throat of the wildebeest, negating the horns.

^ The Lioness uses a similar strategy to get the throat and negate the horns.

Giant Trevally hunting Sooty Terns

[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
Bobcat hunting Canada Goose

[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
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Red brocket vs jaguarundi in Brazil

Spotted Hyena vs. Topi

[Image: 2fppod.gif]

Originally from here

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Leopard jumps across river with kill

Quoll takes down Wallaby in South West Tasmania

(ง ื▿ ื)ว
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Yellow-throated marten kill young deer

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Duiker eats frog

[Image: jxUqmLq.jpg]


The photo shown above – from Rovero et al. (2005) – shows an Abbott’s duiker C. spadix photographed in the Udzungwa Mountains of southern Tanzania. This is one of the first photos ever taken of this species in the wild (Rovero et al. 2005), and shows the duiker eating a frog (possibly a Tanzanian torrent frog Arthroleptis yakusini).

[b]They also eat insects and carrion, and regularly kill and eat frogs, small mammals, lizards, and birds. That’s right: omnivorous bovids. Ants were found to make up over 10% of the stomach contents (dry weight) of Blue duiker (Ronald & Kranz 2001). Some duiker species have been reported to sometimes toy with prey in the same way that domestic cats do.

^As you can see that a herbivore eating another animal is rare to capture on camera, but otherwise well documented, especially for the Duiker.
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Yellow throated marten attempts to catch a cat

 [Image: 75TiAZC.jpg]
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yellow-throated marten attack young deer

although you can not see the outcome, I think the martens killed the little deer
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Fossa with lemur kill
[Image: fossa-kill-2.jpg]
Quote:The fossa does not hunt nocturnally. Recent studies show that they sleep and hunt both during the day and night, depending on individual preference and circumstances, deeming them cathemeral. The rest of their time, generally during the hottest part of the day and coldest part of the night, is spent sleeping or resting, either on the ground or on larger branches in the trees (Dollar, 2005). While during non-breeding seasons the fossa hunt individually, hunting groups may be seen during the breeding season, often consisting of mothers and their offspring. Fossas are carnivorous and are the only Malagasy predator that can successfully hunt the largest lemur species found on the island. While lemurs are their main source of food, fossas also prey upon smaller animals such as mice, birds, fish and even wild pigs (Köhncke & Leonhardt, 1986). Over 90%
Quote:of their diet consists of vertebrate species, 50% of which are lemurs. Along with natural prey species, the fossa also hunts local domestic animals, such as livestock including goats and chickens. They are ambush predators, stalking their prey until an optimal moment where a kill is possible, using their rounded claws and sharp teeth to catch an animal. No other non-primate mammal includes such a high proportion of primate items in its diet (Hawkins & Racey, 2008). The fossa is an opportunistic feeder, preying on lemurs in dense lowland forest and considerably smaller prey, such as crabs and insects in higher elevated areas. Fossas are the most agile, apex predator in Madagascar and they remove up to 19% of their prey species annually (Irwin et al., 2009).
Yellow throated martens hunting and killing a cat

 [Image: 75TiAZC.jpg]
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I know this sounds weird, but can someone get the video of the Marten hunting the cat uncensored? Felines vs Mustelids vids are already none existing as it is, let alone when they are basically the same size. I am very curious to see how a Marten actually deals with the long legs, claws and paw swipes of a cat.

Also, I will follow troop with the Yellow Throated Marten videos.

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