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Predator - prey relationships
Alligator eats Squirrel

(10-28-2018, 07:02 AM)Ryo Wrote: Judging by the cam, it could seem like a wildcam capturing a stray/feral dog killing a cat. In fact, there are potential chances that this is from Australia, where Dingoes and feral dogs do indeed eat cats (and might very rarely do it outside the country as well).

And the other pic with the boers. Well, they are trying to kill it, so it could go both for the hunting and fighting section.

Pack of dholes afraid of a boar. Only the sick and the young can be prey. Domestic dog can kill for fun of chav owner. This happens often. Fans of dogs will enjoy it all ...

This is another post

[Image: x663uJl.jpg]
[Image: 43672694_300372350565133_2011128044757122138_n.jpg]
jaguar with yellow anaconda

[Image: 44580389_1983430681723059_6019469585643088053_n.jpg]
jaguar with capybara

[Image: 44792155_1249279595212473_3189095177002013341_n.jpg]
jaguar with yacare caiman

[Image: 44498881_2176883032567947_9184028205290021333_n.jpg]
[Image: 43312068_914934098700078_7012761034024194003_n.jpg]
[Image: 43913277_755241928154428_9183494301981983901_n.jpg]
Female jaguar with a rather large yacare caiman

[Image: 43418867_252850725331343_5321932347483576953_n.jpg]
Female jaguar and her cub with neotropical river otter
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Amur Leopard with Sika Deer kill

[Image: WdZLqf2.jpg]

photo by Valeriy Maleev

[Image: lPE5ATD.jpg]

photo by Toshiji Fukuda
new- leopard kills a sleeping dog

Caracal suffocating a rock hyrax:

[Image: 7XOeO2I.jpg]

Source: Cats of Africa By Luke Hunter

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