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Animal vs. Animal Pictorial; These are accounts of natural confrontations.
(08-31-2018, 08:28 AM)K9Boy Wrote: Leopard kills cheetah. Has anyone got the original version of this? I remember it was on youtube, but its gone now and this is the only copy. If not, does anyone know the show or documentry this was? 

There is a video more higher quality on the computer.
Carpet Python vs Lace Monitor

Round 1: Carpet Python 
[Image: p2i39mjgd3c01.png]
Round 2: Lace Monitor


[Image: 2hhzwgx.jpg]

[Image: APVwP9.gif]
Bobcat mountain lion encounter (Leopard caracal American version)

Wolf bobcat

Wolf wolverine

Lynx wolverine

Wolf wolverine 

Wolf wolverine

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Hornets and yellowjackets, also a few paper wasps I think:

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Common genet and beech marten

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There doesnt seem to be a dominant species between the 2.

cat vs martens

 [Image: 75TiAZC.jpg]
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Mountain Lion or Cougar, (Felis concolor) Confrontation with gray wolf over mule deer

[Image: 00770-25813.jpg]

Cougar wolverine

[Image: pEt2P2X.jpg]

Snow leopard wolves

[Image: cZX0WlG.jpg]
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Weasel vs lizard

Black Bear vs. Coyote:


[Image: APVwP9.gif]
Jackal kills snake:

Black Backed Jackal kills and eats Mole Snake.

[Image: BuNNbGl.jpg]

[Image: HqMPJV2.jpg]

[Image: W2pq2n2.jpg]
[Image: FNLNvga.jpg]

[Image: Eq6i1bg.jpg]

[Image: 0tCFmgB.jpg]

[Image: VD2eOhQ.jpg]

[Image: 0VHtEcc.jpg]

Coyote is seen devouring his meal.

[Image: Fyp2ozU.jpg][Image: YQVzlJV.jpg]

[Image: Fyp2ozU.jpg]


Disclaimer: Originally posted in 'Predator-Prey' thread, but thought it would be interesting to post here considering the snake managed to wrap itself around the Jackal's leg before being eaten.
Hyena vs awd

A Hyena that was harassing the dogs and the newborn pups. This was a picture taken as he got very close to the den site, and then realized he was too close!

The dogs pursued the Hyena chasing him far away from the den site. Good dogs!

On the last day we found one of the male dogs "White Stripe" badly injured from a Hyena attack. The Hyena chewed his back and legs,
and in the process broke three of his legs very badly. The rangers had to come and put him out of his misery. He seemed unconscious
from the time we found him right until the ranger was about to pull the trigger, and then for some reason he opened his eyes one last time.

[Image: hW5qqXL.jpg]
[Image: n0sXGEh.jpg]
[Image: wbUdTUf.jpg]

(I have no doubt that spotted hyena stronger than the wolf. )

 7 wild dogs vs hyena

During a safari in the Kruger National Park we suddenly came across a pack of rare African wild dogs busy harassing a small group of hyenas. The rivalry between these two predator species is extreme as they continuously compete for the same food sources. After chasing off the hyenas, the wild dogs stood around checking their surroundings to make sure there were no other hyenas nearby. Suddenly a baby hyena that was hiding in the thick bush right in front of them came out and made an attempt to escape. The wild dogs immediately saw the baby hyena and launched a relentless attack. As the hyena attempted to get away, the wild dogs quickly ran after it. One for one they attacked by biting the young hyena relentlessly. The hyena was screaming nonstop while being bitten from behind. At the same time the wild dogs made their characteristic and very excited bird-like twittering call while attacking. To our surprise the baby hyena eventually got away and ran off into the bush. This sighting was a classic example of the brutality that exist between Africa’s top predators. Everybody on the vehicle was stunned by what we saw and definitely a sighting we will not forget for a long time.

Indian boar steal prey from pack of indian wild dogs

[Image: DGCfVP5VwAAR4Jx.jpg:large]

Indian boar steal prey from indian wild dogs
(size comparison of Indian wild dog and indian boar)

Mother deer save her cub from wild dog pack

Person says that wolf can be killed by deer

The alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack attempts to hunt a buck by herself one drizzly morning.  Wolves are only successful in their hunt attempts about one in ten times.  As you will see in this video, the prey often turns on the predator and fights back.  Many wolves die while trying to hunt, whether being kicked, trampled or head butted.

The number one cause of death for wolves is wolf on wolf strife.
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