Full Version: An 880 KG Megistotherium Runs The Gauntlet
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An 880 KG Megistotherium runs le gauntlet, how far does it goes?

Round 1 : 2 Barburofelis , 270 KG Each

Round 2 :  500 KG European Cave Bear

Round 3: 600 KG Amphicyon Ingens

Round 4 : 760 KG Bison

Round 5 : 890 KG Cape Buffalo 

Round 6 : 950 KG Arctodus Simus

Round 7 : 1000 KG Bull Auroch

Round 8 : 1300 KG Gaur

How far does the Megistotherium go?

I need to figure out how to add the polls.
Stops at the amphicyon because it has strong jaws for its weight and it can also grapple with its forearms.
I'm not entirely sure about the 2 Barbourofelis, but if it gets past those, then the Megistotherium would handily defeat all opponents until round 6. At that point I am once again unsure.