Full Version: Private message problem
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Why can't i use private message? I tried to PM a member and i got message saying that i did not have permission. Do i need to add friend someone just to PM them?

P/S: Hey Taipan, if you have times, can you take a look at this problem on my account? Thanks

The message i got when trying to PM or sending someone an email. What the heck?!
[Image: QUQJEk5.png]
Looking at your profile, it does not show the option to private message you, only send you a private mail, but I can do so with some other members.
^ I don't know why, i cannot find any settings that say 'Display Private Message'. My Private Message just does not display for some reasons
Hey Verdugo, if you haven't already tried.

First, go to the top left corner to 'User CP'

Next, go to 'Your Profile'

Click 'Edit Options'

After clicking 'Edit Options', you come here:

[Image: cAbPwnn.png]

Check if you you disabled any part of the 'Message and Notification' area.
By default all new members are not permitted to use the PM system. I have to manually change this for members. Verdugo should now be able to use the PM system!