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Indian Gaur v Daeodon shoshonensis
Indian Gaur - Bos gaurus gaurus
The gaur (Bos gaurus), also called Indian bison, is a large bovine native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. The gaur has a high convex ridge on the forehead between the horns, which bends forward, causing a deep hollow in the profile of the upper part of the head. There is a prominent ridge on the back. The ears are very large; the tail only just reaches the hocks, and in old bulls the hair becomes very thin on the back. In colour, the adult male gaur is dark brown, approaching black in very old individuals; the upper part of the head, from above the eyes to the nape of the neck, is, however, ashy gray, or occasionally dirty white; the muzzle is pale coloured, and the lower part of the legs are pure white or tan. The cows and young bulls are paler, and in some instances have a rufous tinge, which is most marked in individuals inhabiting dry and open districts. The gaur is an extremely large mammal.  In general measurements are derived from gaurs surveyed in India. Indian gaur males averaged about 840 kg (1,850 lb) (in a sample of 13) and females weigh a median of approximately 700 kg (1,500 lb). 

[Image: photo.jpg]

Daeodon shoshonensis
Daeodon, one of the largest, if not the largest, entelodont artiodactyls, lived 25-18 million years ago in North America. The 3.6 m (12 ft) long, about 1.8 m at the shoulder, 90 cm long skulled, estimated weights vary from 300 - 1000 kg, an animal strongly resembled a giant, monstrous pig or warthog, possessing huge jaws with prominent tusks and flaring cheekbones. It possibly was a huge, bone-crushing scavenger and predator, found at Agate Springs Quarry. It had long skull bones under its eyes and bony protrusions on the lower jaw, not dissimilar to the 'warts' of the warthog, which may have supported jaw muscles. The well-known genus Dinohyus ("terrible pig") has now been synonymized with Daeodon, as the latter is the earlier name, having priority.

[Image: Daeodon-shoshonensis2-738x591.jpg]

(01-12-2019, 01:04 AM)Megis Wrote: Daeodon vs Gaur
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