Poll: Guns: Are you for or against them?
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Guns: Are you for or against them?
I was anti gun till I realized how successful the banning of drugs in the U.S.A was....needless to say, I'm pro gun now lol.

P.S: It's damn near impossible to stop people from smoking weed even if it's illegal.
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I am for guns as long as their users use them wisely. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
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(08-22-2018, 11:11 PM)Lightning Wrote: I am against guns.

I am with guns.
It is easy to be against guns when you live in a small country, small and secure enough to keep it relatively under control. However, if I am not mistaking, the majority of gun fatalities are not from murders, but from accidents in the homes, often because the gun is simply there. And then it miss fires, someone brags with it or a child finds it.

I am not much for guns, tho it is something different if it is a Hunting Rifle and not a fully Automatic firearm.
Unfortunately another 30 people lost their lives today in two gun shooting/massacres:

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Guns should be controlled, and their possession should be forbidden without a license and justification. I'm sorry but too many stupid people out there. A bad person who's hell-bent on getting a gun will eventually get his hands on one, as happened in the terrorist attacks in Europe, but I can imagine many more deaths arising from low IQ ppl handling firearms
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Three mass shootings in a week is just...

At this point, international news has to be like: "Oh, look the Americans are at it again."
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Some events are bound to hit the news, being 'sensational' but how many people died from gunshot wounds elsewhere
over the weekend, due to various non-remarkable reasons, from deliberate intent like war/crime/suicide, to careless use?
I have not seen any studies on it, I was just told from a family member who is sometimes a bit of a nerd on subjects like this, that Careless Use is often a much bigger problem in terms of casualties than one might think.
As a non-American I don't feel I'm particularly qualified to talk on the subject, but with so mass-shootings in the last year (249 right?), a lot of them specific acts of domestic terrorism, and those two in one DAY, whatever you have just now isn't working.

(Also did anyone see that dumb 30-50 feral hogs tweet that attained meme status? Gold. The only good thing to come out of the tragedy alongside everybody dragging Neil DeGrasse Tyson through the dirt)
Look, I don't agree with banning guns. I think it's a fools errand and ultimately an overreaction. However, the laws the US currently has in many states are absurd. Yeah we don't have to seize them, but for fucksake can we at least close the gun show loophole and maybe have background checks? Maybe? is that too much to ask?
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