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Ask a question and get a proper answer.
thesporerex Wrote:Ask a question and hope to god someone will answer, these are proper answers by the way not bullshit answers.
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
Probably a lot. Maybe over 10 of them.

Does anyone know why does this cypress have these "turrets"?

[Image: WP_20180819_20_07_04_Pro.jpg]
[Image: WP_20180819_20_08_40_Pro.jpg]
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The branches are probably just growing weird. I had a juniper (similar to a cypress) near my old house with a few weird branches
Why is chocolate cake so delicious?
Cause it's sweet and to most people sweet is a pleasant flavor. I am reading all about the sense of taste lately.
Did diplodocid sauropods use their tails to attack predators or rivals? Does anyone have reliable info regarding this?
Dont know if it's a Diplodocid or not but Shunosaurus has a tail club which was used as a form of weaponry for sure.
Also this:
The lone wolf dies, while the pack survives...
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Probably yes (Shunosaurus is a cetiosaur, I meant that diplodocoids probably did use their tails against predators)
Why does Atlantic Ocean seafood taste so much better than its pricey Pacific counterparts?
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I am not aware of any such difference. Not that I really eat seafood. Maybe there are different species in each ocean and their flesh tastes different by nature.

Does anyone know any trustworthy site (with no malware) from which I can download Universe Sandbox 2? Cause I don't really feel like telling my parents to pay for it.
Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but try this;
Only the ads on the site itself should have any sort of malware so just go straight to the download link.
The lone wolf dies, while the pack survives...
Thanks. I was aware of Softonic but I read on Wikipedia that it has been criticised for downloading malware, so I was kinda worried. Not that my computer is really healthy anyway.
One more question. If you buy from Steam, does it ask for credit card passwords and other personal information?
Sorry if this is late, Thalassophoneus. I checked the site and, while I do not know for sure, I suspect they do.
How many Amphicyon to take down Brachiosaurus?
I'd say 10 at least. And they have to tire the giant out without being stomped. 

[Image: t8naSyW.jpg]
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Thanks for the answer, Vulgaris. What is your question?
I may have deleted it posting the image.

About Torrent and downloading:I cannot find many music album anymore on Torrent, and I'm not even talking about unknown stuff. Is it me or they have really disappeared? (movies are not like that, I can find almost any movie ever made) Any similar alternative?

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