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Ask a question and get a proper answer.
Can someone find me a free version of this paper?

Remes, K. 2006. Revision of the Tendaguru sauropod Tornieria africana (Fraas) and its relevance for sauropod paleobiogeography.

^This is the DOI of the paper (from its ResearchGate page). Copy and paste that into for the full paper.
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]
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  • Thalassophoneus
I have been scouring the internet for an answer to this question with no luck, but does anyone know if carbon monoxide is toxic to invertebrates that do not use haemoglobin to carry oxygen through their blood?
I assume it doesn't have the same effect as on haemoglobin dependent organisms. In fact even humans and other haemoglobin dependent organisms may produce small amounts of CO in their bodies. There are also organisms that use it for energy. Of course what you mean by "toxic" is ambiguous since all chemicals in the universe are dangerous above a specific dose.
(06-16-2019, 03:22 PM)Aztec Wrote: Not to be a party pooper, but I just got to notify you here since I can't pm you(or anyone for some reason) but someone in "World of Animals" is stealing your content, mostly about dinosaurs.

I normally don't rat out anyone but I just dislike "dinosauria101".
[Image: tumblr_m2y5l3IDya1rorn9ko1_500.png]

The forum by default does not allow new members to use the PM system. I have to manually opt you in which I will do for you and Zerthge. As for your notification, thanks for that. There is not a lot I can do. This has happened for years and civil requests by me to have it ceased have been unsuccesful. They argue they have the right to. As for dinosauria101/chocolatecake123, I feel the same, but he is not our problem anymore.
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
Would somebody put these two together in a way that they scale up with each other correctly (same grid size):
[Image: 2000px-Megalodon-Carcharodon-Scale-Chart-SVG.svg.png]
[Image: 2000px-Livyatan_size.svg.png] ?
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  • Claudiu Constantin Nicolaescu
'The Running of the Bulls' in Pamplona Spain for 2019 has just been run, would you join in, if you were there?
The Moon landing 1/2 century is nigh! What a splendid achievement, & a shame that humans haven't been there since!

& Why are we so reticent about using current science for remediating excess CO2, rather than 'stone-ageing' industry?

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