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Emperor Scorpions and other invertebrate pets?
Wild Wrote:I saw an Emperor Scorpion at a pet store and basically fell in love with it, I've been researching them and they seem to be pretty interesting pets, I'm planning to get one sometime but I just wanted some opinions on them from anyone who's owned scorpions. Also I saw this very active Rose haired tarantula at the store and it interested me a little more than even the scorpions tho I'm afraid if I get it I'm going to do something really clumsy and get a whole fist full of urictating hairs in my face lol . I'm still a little interested in them and want to know what others think about them as pets.
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
I believe it is up to you but do a research especially on the more dangerous ones.

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