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What pets do you have?
Admantus Wrote:Just like the title says, what pets do you have?

I have three dogs, two of which are chocolate labs (one is a big old english lab and the other is a teenage american lab) and the other is a westie. Their names are smokey, luna, and cesar.

I also have a white crowned parrot named piper (she's a hellbird)

And suprisingly, I have two very cute kittens named bonnie and clyde. They are both 4 months old.
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I used to keep a tank - I really liked Cichlids. Had a breeding pair of Pearl Cichlids.
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4 dogs and 1 cat at my family's house and 3 dogs we keep at my aunts house
The lone wolf dies, while the pack survives...
I got loads of pets, I got a Chocolate lab, Italian Mastiff, A puppy that is a mix between a lab and something else, a Tabby cat, and, My Leopard Gecko
My cat is an alley cat/domestic shorthair with heterochromia while my dogs are 1 Golden Retriever; 5 Yorkies and 1 alley dog/mutt
The lone wolf dies, while the pack survives...
Chocolate lab and a corn snake.
None anymore. For much, actually most, of my life our house had a fish tank in the entrance of our house. Fish, starfish, crabs, and hermit crabs came and went over the years, until the only animals left alive were the corals (they might have been dying by the time we decided to get rid of the fish tank). I remember my dad saying something about using the former fish tank to grow some plants in, but we never went through with that.

We also used to have two leopard geckos, who both sadly died some years ago (around 6th grade or so).
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I just got a VFT His name is Biollante
Zombie is a 9 year old American bulldog. Apocalypse (or Paco) is a 7 year old English black and white pointer. Myrtle is a 10+ year old Russian tortoise. Finally, Butterfingers is a 2 year old hamster.
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I have 7 dogs (mostly mixed breeds and 1 portuguese podengo), a lot of finches (around 20 species), some goldfishes, carps, eastern mosquitofishes and 20+ aquatic turtles (8 species total)
Currently have 3 dogs and we got some fish
VFT = Venus Fly Trap
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Two cats. White female and male brown cat.
Two cats a large +25lbs white tom ragdoll he used to be a show cat a black female stray and catahoula cut wolf mix he’s my favorite and a small female chihuahua mix
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I got no pets, but I live in the country and I got different random wild animals that don't fear me anymore to the point I occasionally can pet them: a crow, a magpie, a dog, cats(but only one is friendly), a couple of pigeons that live in a birdhouse, sparrows  (they comes on my hand or head but cannot pet them). And there is a female fox which I see sometimes; she comes so close I could touch her, but she still doesn't want me to do that.

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