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LGD Discussion & Gallery
kingkazma Wrote:This is just a general topic for discussion of anything LGD.

 But first I'd like to talk about the best LGD.  Imho, there is no such thing. Every LGD has there own pros and cons. For example kangals tend to run off after carnivores, while great Pyrenees seem dumbfounded when confronted with a wolf that doesn't run, resulting in the deaths of sheep. Many farmers use a mixture of dogs to guard their sheep. Usually you've got the kangals/Anatolian/ Spanish masstiff breeds out fighting and the maremma/Pyrenees/kuvaz breeds guarding. But there is a downside. Wolves are smart. They  could simply go around the kangals, kill the Pyrenees, and get the sheep. So how do you get the perfect LGD? In all truth you can't. But imo you can come really close by crossbreeding. I'll address this later but first the pros and cons of the dogs used for this task.

Ovarchkas (co, cao, sar, aboriginal,etc)


- very good combatants 
-very predator aggressive
-immense size
-thick fur and loose skin for protection.

-They tend to roam 
-can't stand the heat
- slower than other dogs
-easily tricked

Kangals/Anatolian shepherds

- huge
- fast 
-predator aggressive
-huge teeth

-easily lead astray and will breed with wolves
- slightly dog aggressive
- short tempered
-run off

Spanish masstiff


-huge size
-deep bark
- robust


-rather sluggish
-average fighters
-drools a ton
-can have short-ish lives

-stick to the flock
-loud bark
-resistant fur

-sh!t fighters 
-non predator aggressive
-will mate with wolves to easily if not killed
-small teeth

-large teeth
-large bite force
-good fighters
-loud bark

- slow compared to other dogs
-Low jowls
- can be too aggressive
-Not very agile 
-hot weather coat

As you can see we've got a bit of the good and the bad.  Some breeders have tried to counter this by crossbreeding. This eliminates (sometimes) undesired traits and produces healthier dogs. Here are some LGD crosses made by professional breeders.

Spanish masstiff x Anatolian/Maremma
[Image: IMG_4632.JPG][Image: Image+1.jpg]

Boerbel x kangal

[Image: DSC_0187.JPG]

Boerbel x dane
[Image: tumblr_ldt5jznrQY1qabz3n.jpg][Image: tumblr_ldt5zuyBL51qabz3n.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ldt5m1CJL31qabz3n.jpg]

Dane/Dogo x Kangal/Boerboel
[Image: tumblr_lkylsdreyP1qabz3n.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_l88kl08AEp1qabz3n.jpg]

Kangal x dogo

[Image: tumblr_inline_mg7xozfBNZ1qabz3n.jpg][Image: tumblr_lnsrpkNz1N1qabz3n.jpg][Image: DSC_0326.JPG]

kangal x caucasian 

[Image: 73002d1368728018-big-beautiful-dog-mix-k...fghazi.jpg]
[Image: ck8%5B1%5D.jpg]
Kangal x bullmastiff

[Image: 20088476.jpg]
Kangal x neo

Kangal x

[Image: Kangal_by_ShadoWolfDemon.jpg]


[Image: thumbs_barnes.jpg]

If I were to start an LGD program, I'd defiantly use the Olympic dogs and the dogs I posted above. They're simply the best choice.
[Image: 73002d1368728018-big-beautiful-dog-mix-k...fghazi.jpg]

My suggested gear and routine.

-reinforced spiked collar. This will protect the dogs neck from wolves.
-teach all dogs to hate wolves at a young age. Feed them out of wolf pelts if you can.
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
I am not really an expert in animals but these are some great pictures and info.
The one with the pointy ears is interesting.
Anyway, here is a video.


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