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Livyatan melvillei v Carcharocles megalodon
I have theory that most or every top Megalodon researcher are so biased towards Megalodon it's not even funny! I think they are all shark fanboys.
Look this well known Megalodon researcher states:
"Megalodons could take on prey as large as fin or even mortally wound blue whales, without the tactics [and numbers] needed by smaller orca"
-Leonardo Compagno
And look this Livyatan hater scientist! When somebody asked if it could kill or attempt to attack a blue whal, just look what he says!
" [Livyatan] could not take on a 35 meters blue whale, but 7 meter whales were big enough for this sea monster"
-Christian De Muzion
Look at this fanboy paper below. They are getting an update later this year apparently. And they call themselves well respected! None of the authors have any credentials either!
They say that Megalodon could reach 18 meters based on available data, but they aren't the largest teeth set. I mean crazy scientists and so unreliable guys.
Also there is no fossil evidence of Megalodon hunting mammals. Livyatan was a big orca pod hunter which is completely proven by modern whales and killed great white shark Megalodons. There is no evidence that any type of fish can kill mammals.
^ Great White sharks like to prey on seals and small dolphins

(08-14-2018, 12:06 AM)Mountain Lord Wrote: Mammuthus, It doesn't matter about the Orca's size over the Great white. The GWS has FAR SUPERIOR and deadlier weaponry and much tougher skin. The Orca, just like a Dolphin has very sensitive and soft skin which a Shark would inflict massive damage to with just one bite!

GWS easily rip off 35lbs of solid blubber from a Humpback whales body with just ONE bite! An Orca can't do that in its dreams.

Also, the Great whites jaws gape far wider and larger, for example:

[Image: great-white-shark-bait-1.jpg]

Now look at how pathetic the Orca's jaws look in comparison:

[Image: tumblr_inline_o70mt6pqee1tgkdt6_540.jpg]

Orca's hunt in pods for a reason, and ambush and attack even the much smaller sharks cautiously.

And there's NO WAY I see any Orca defeating huge Great whites like this, in a head-on battle, period.

[Image: shark-hunter-australia-gif_thumb1.gif]

[Image: 1987-vhislop04.jpg]

A head-on battle with a huge GWS is a whole different ball game, compared to several Orca's ganging-up and ambushing small sharks.
Umm no.. if the bigger set of jaws always determined the outcome of a fight then a Grey Wolf would win over a Cougar. Grappling, manueverability, and instinct matters as well. Orcas have killed Grey and Tiger sharks even alone. They kill the sharks by ramming them which flips them upside down or just go straight for their gills then eating their liver when theyre immobilized. Shark skin is not super tough like you say, they are relatively soft bodied like most fish.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself

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