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LGD & Sheepdog interaction with large carnivore accounts
(10-24-2018, 06:04 AM)Ryo Wrote:
(10-19-2018, 02:00 PM)Lycaon Wrote: Lgd hazing hyena
[Image: 27294938_10213569398687468_1709849570_n....e=5BCB75A7]
Can you repost this?

Edited the original post but I'll leave this here too. 
[Image: 43721070_10215661447547382_4820781673689...e=5C533D21]
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ADMIN - Only post interactions of LGDs and Wildlife - not carcasses. If you dont understand that - if it doesnt have an LGD and a Carnivore in the same photo/video, DON'T POST IT.
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
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Capturing a problematic leopard in Iran-Turkmenistan Borderland
Since August 2014, a leopard was known to attack domestic animals near a village,
named as Tazeh Ghaleh in northeastern Iran. Located just a few kilometers from
Turkmenistan border, the village is surrounded by
rolling terrains with juniper trees sparsely
distributed on slopes within Kopet Dagh region, one
of global high biodiversity hotspots. Between midAugust and mid-December 2014, the leopard killed
15 herd dogs, which is equal to one animal per each
8 days.
During summer, small livestock such as sheep and
goat were mainly killed, because most of the local
herds spent overnight in the pastures. Since
October, most herds concentrated their daily
grazing around the village and kept their animals
within properly-built corrals inside the village during
nighttime. So, the leopard switched its depredation
from livestock to dogs. Moreover, the leopard
attacked three persons when they tried to approach
it on the kill. Thus, the people were frightened and
avoided to leave their houses overnight.
In October 2014, they reported the situation to the
local authorities, seeking for a solution to stop losing the animals. Thus, Iran
Department of Environment’s experts tried to apply a variety of methods to resolve
the problem through keeping the leopard away from the village. Besides provision of
necessary information, particularly with respect to encountering a leopard in the
wild, they tried to make fire around the village, turning gunpowder around high risk
places, aerial shooting to frighten the leopard, all seemingly not efficient to stop the
leopard from killing dogs. Thus, translocation was considered in December 2014 as
the final resolution which was based on the DoE’s initial perception that it is a young
“inexperienced” male.
We deployed foot-snares and captured the leopard. Its teeth were yellow with wellworn canines and incisors. Most of lower incisors were missing, revealing that it is an
old adult leopard, estimating between 10 and 15 years. Accordingly, it was
concluded that instead fitting the leopard with a GPS collar for translocation to a
nearby reserve, the leopard needs intensive veterinary care and treatment, if any
chance of re-wilding is sought. Therefore, the leopard was translocated to Wildlife
Rehabilitation Center in Tehran for further maintenance and treatment.
Interactions of LGDs and boar

Rare videos (Not related to hunt which has nothing to do with interactions of animals)

Hyenas kill and eat dogs.
I don't read Turkish. Is it LGDs and which Hyena species is it?
(01-15-2019, 02:04 AM)Ryo Wrote: I don't read Turkish. Is it LGDs and which Hyena species is it?

striped hyena

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