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Spotted Hyena predation feats
Spotted Hyena: This can include either lone hyena kills or pack kills. The main point is to show more of the hyena's hunting success.

Lone Spotted Hyena hunt success Rate:

[Image: MjJEDoR.png]
Source: Hunting rates and hunting success in the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta ) ( Holekamp et al.1997)

While Hyenas do usually work as a group, they can occasionally make a kill of their own.

Here are some examples:

Single Hyena takes down Adult Wildebeest:

Single Hyena tackles Topi

^The tackle starts at 2:41 of the video.

Solitary Hyena hunts Impala.

^Hyena jumps into the waterhole to catch the Impala at 3:30
I made a gif of the Hyena tackling the Topi

Copy[Image: 2fppod.gif]
Why do spotted hyenas have a habit of biting buffalo by the balls?

And its not only the testicles, but they to also tend to bite the anus until its mauled and pulled outwards.
is there any account of hyena preying on or killing african pythons?
Lone Hyena kills Topi, before a group of Cheetahs usurp the kill.

[Image: m48muBr.jpg]

[Image: YeavScr.jpg]


Photos by Onesmus Irungu
This is the first time I have seen cheetahs doing the usurping.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=61]
A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.

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