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Spotted Hyena predation feats
Spotted Hyena: This can include either lone hyena kills or pack kills. The main point is to show more of the hyena's hunting success.

Lone Spotted Hyena hunt success Rate:

[Image: MjJEDoR.png]
Source: Hunting rates and hunting success in the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta ) ( Holekamp et al.1997)

While Hyenas do usually work as a group, they can occasionally make a kill of their own.

Here are some examples:

Single Hyena takes down Adult Wildebeest:

Single Hyena tackles Topi

^The tackle starts at 2:41 of the video.

Solitary Hyena hunts Impala.

^Hyena jumps into the waterhole to catch the Impala at 3:30
I made a gif of the Hyena tackling the Topi

Copy[Image: 2fppod.gif]

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