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Dinosaur Replicas - dinosaur bone models + Styracosaurus skull W.I.P.
Into edit mode to make & bridge holes in the mesh, then back into Dyntopo to refine

[Image: dd8axu4-16fb0721-4684-4b4b-8524-6694151c...IKPBbVuGDg]
That's the main form mostly laid out, bit more still to do on the underside. Not too refined as it's a scaffold for the next stage. The inner bones I'll work out in sub-D polys later.

[Image: dd8d8jd-2ee264c2-3f20-40b0-95a1-e3eaceca...Ws15hT8RnE]

Added some lightmap UVs on the scaffold sculpt so I could paint this poly map (red lines). It's mostly a guide and I'm not wedded to it, there'll probably be changes once I start placing polys.

[Image: dd8ds6u-b0bb3b6b-8e75-49a8-b540-9b56a667...7NTXXaswIM]
Another long absence busy with other stuff, Really need to make a push to wrap this up. I'm setting up a low-poly base model using the painted lines as a guide. With face snapping turned on, it's easy enough to lay down polygons. There's a mirror modifier on the retopo mesh but most of the time it's turned off.

For placing a vertex that's meant to be on the centre-line I find it convenient just to zero it's X co-ord manually in the properties panel. Now it's just a case of working my way around until it's all built. There's always a lot of tidy up required as the model develops, inner bones will need special attention.

[Image: dd8p2yu-acbc8497-44ad-4411-80e7-8b9ae382...5AoH4v17z4]
That's the top surface sketched out I think. The most visually important area so I've worked this over a couple of times to even up the polygon flow & size as much as I can. Might change a few things yet I'll see how it pans out.

Blender's thickness modifier is a quick 'n dirty way to add volume to a surface mesh. In this case it's perfect for initialising the interior & underside, just to give me a good starting point for editing.

[Image: dd8q1ev-a961fa78-30d0-47e3-b21e-a8f99ff8...ZJSwSZtmeo]

[Image: dd8q1ve-5f9b0383-25e2-490c-a1cd-b94d206a...VNUvMY0gN4]
Sub-D parts for the inner (and under) skull bones. Separate objects at the moment, brain-case (purple) and palette/jaw joint (blue).

[Image: dd8rv4b-c4460ab5-7fcf-40b4-aa26-5d4666d2...BuJFHFvbiM]

View from below, just need to tweak the rough shape a bit more then they can be connected into a single piece and welded to the rest of the cranium.

[Image: dd8rwdl-4f409b10-7b2c-4859-a13b-1090ea2c...qWSyAbASqU]
Started the lower jaw mesh, didn't want to go further on the cranium without it. Not necessarily a mega snug fit when closed but they have to work together, especially at articulation point.

[Image: dd8u4qm-8f12f289-ef4a-45ba-82a3-025ec635...A9qGJQJnIA]

[Image: dd8u4vp-64a7446c-3770-497c-9405-4e61d6ae...1v57lHNV9k]
Jaw sculpt 3d traced to sub-D.

[Image: dd95jm2-2713e626-05a8-40da-a253-52dd9c8a...h8O-RcczFw]
Made the mandible teeth as a unit from rectangle with multiple cuts on long axis.

[Image: dd96ggp-7752b58a-8153-4211-a122-174a8af4...Z-h4gG8saU]

Ceratopsian dental batteries form a cutting edge from many small teeth constantly being replaced from underneath. I can sculpt in some detail later to add some inter-tooth separation.

[Image: dd96gkt-56e33c21-ea25-43f4-9cfe-43c2475f...U5F8WSpF0A]
Now with upper teeth, same method as lower ones. Joined the cranium parts into a single piece, bit more tinkering still to do on this.

[Image: dd98j7x-d2aaa725-40ce-4627-9a22-5a2b32e8...Uw7I9r--3I]
Added a small hole  between eye & beak. Antorbital fenestrae are almost fully closed up in ceratopsians and filled in in most museum mounts, I'll sculpt it down to make it even smaller in the detail stages.

[Image: dd99987-1866fe3f-22cd-4d36-a767-9a46e71c...0dZUX4mWrY]

Think that's the poly modelling part mostly done, if I get a move on I could maybe finish the sculpt by the weekend (experience tells me that'll never happen Big Grin). I'll leave it alone for now & check it over tomorrow. These's always a fix-ups after viewing with fresh eyes.

[Image: dd999p0-bc577e9d-567f-4496-a127-55a34329...Eik6u6y4co]

[Image: dd99a4i-901a8f7f-e9da-4344-a383-7e084c03...ZYPSpEhl-w]
Temporally made the sub-D model multicoloured to help me break it into UV islands. A UV map isn't needed for a the kind of 3D print I'm aiming for but it'll be useful for baking normal and occlusion maps for 3D renders, I usually make a few pics for Deviantart etc

[Image: dd9bbkx-a4bc1068-cf5c-4d03-b523-bfd8dd37...f726BGxE7c]
Spotted a couple of issues with the mesh and had to fix. Would've been OK but I had to redo half the UV map too.
Grrrr! annoying Big Grin. Hopefully some sculpting tomorrow.
Back & forth between cranium & mandible with first pass initial shaping. Taking it steady, concentrating on the overall shape & making sure it lines up with the reference.

[Image: dd9jowj-6ef88e43-a546-4b30-891f-53a57e86...euGwzcca9g]

Keeping an eye on the fit between cranium & jaw while I'm adding detail. Want jaw to articulate on the final 3d printed model. 

[Image: dd9jp38-91fd165e-4b7e-43bd-b988-c844c1f2...Q_oXpqYg68]

[Image: dd9jpmy-a99aeafc-fcc4-4934-bed2-427f1b55...EfSY3-AcZ8]
More shaping, think I've got it mostly where it should be. Can't go futher with detail until I add some suture lines, time to crank up the subdivision a couple of levels.

[Image: dd9m3ec-0c61880f-c0b2-44f7-b73e-6af2b1e2..._6hKCgrub8]

[Image: dd9m3hc-94f93852-2440-4aba-9356-8398f6fd...j09OmblTT0]
Scrapped and re-started the sculpting twice, the current one's going a bit better I think (hope). Trying to make some progress over the last two evenings got a bit intense which is why I haven't been spamming this thread with my usual regularity Big Grin. I'll post some screen-grabs when it's at a good point, maybe the weekend but not sure. As a break from pushing vertices around I drafted my usual test drawing to see what sizes the scale models could be.

I should cut down on the number of scales I produce for each skull 'cause only a couple of sizes seem to sell, might stick with this size range though. Also thought about making a 'dual detail' version similar to the rex head I made last year. I'll see how I feel after I've finished the skull model, it might be worth doing if only for myself.

[Image: dd9rz8u-400195ea-4245-4286-990f-6398740d...7Bpn_4_eyQ]

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