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Dingo v Olive Python
Heres an account with a Scrub Python and a domestic dog.

[Image: 0fac9d61d56acfa4220f6c922db98592?width=1024]
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  • onlyfaizy786
constrictor snakes are too much for canid.
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  • Ophiophagushannah
maybe, but the remember that all constrictors are smaller than their wikipedia weights that are usually off one example of an ancient wildcaught animal or more usually an obese captive specimen.So if a canid and a constrictor have "equal weight", the canid is usually larger.

Nvm...the largest canid the mackenzie valley wolf averages 100-145 while the largest constrictor, the anaconda averages 65-154 so def some overlap. I'd take the anaconda, but mackenzie wolves are really impressive so it'll be closer than this fight. However, for lower ends of the weight spectra which is more common for constrictors, the mackenzie wolf will win handily. 100 lb wolf vs 65 lb snake, not even fair

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