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Fights! Fights! Fights! Who will win?
Indeed a lot to process. I agree with ChocolateCake on every round except for 2 Megistotherium vs Stegosaurus (where I'm unsure) and 25 Epicyon vs Shantungosaurus (sure, they might exhaust the hadrosaur, but how are they supposed to kill it?).
Good point about that, Jinfengopteryx. Now that I have put more thought into it, 25 Epicyon vs Shantungosaurus is most likely a stalemate, as neither the canids nor the hadrosaur can really do much damage to the other. As for 2 Megistotherium vs Stegosaurus, the Stegosaurus has a very deadly thagomizer, and since said weapon is on its tail, it would have most likely been rather adept at turning and able to turn rather quickly.. Furthermore, if you look at a picture of Megistotherium, you can see it has traded speed and agility for bulk. Therefore,the creodonts probably wouldn't be able to keep pace with the turning speed of the Stegosaurus, and 1 of them would probably get walloped by the thagomizer before either could land a good bite. Since you seem to be so knowledgeable, Jinfengopteryx, I will pose the question : Why would 4 Amphicyon be favored over Triceratops? Same goes for 50 Hyaenodon vs Mamenchisaurus. The bear dogs and the creodonts seem outmatched in terms of sheer fighting ability when compared to the ceratopsian and the sauropod.
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Quote:@Ausar, who do you think would win the rest of the fights?
I've only skimmed through your assessment, but I think I agree with most of them except, like Jinfeng, the Shantungosaurus one (the canids could conceivably use their agility to their advantage, but that hadrosaur was really huge) and the Stegosaurus one (I'm still unsure as to how big the dinosaur was; two Megistotherium, assuming both weigh half a tonne, would weigh 1,000 kg altogether).
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@Ausar, I now think 25 Epicyon vs Shantungosaurus is a stalemate; see the 1st sentence of post #17. As for Stegosaurus' size, it was about 10 meters long and 7 tons. Is that not big enough to beat 2 half ton creodonts?
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At such a size, I guess I agree it would be. I still haven't counted out any agility advantages the hyaenodontids could use to their advantage, but maybe the size advantage is enough.
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There was a lot to process here, but after some light research, I am confident in my list. Here it goes:

Fight 1 - Patagonian toothfish wins
Fight 2 - Swordfish wins
Fight 3 - Bluefin tuna wins
Fight 4 - Atlantic blue marlin wins
Fight 5 - Tarbosaurus wins
Fight 6 - Triceratops wins
Fight 7 - Sauroposeiden
Fight 8 - 12 Smilodon wins
Fight 9 - Allosaurus wins
Fight 10 - Mamenchisaurus wins
Fight 11 - 3 Gorgosaurs wins
Fight 12 - 4 Deinonychus wins
Fight 13 - Saltasaurus wins
Fight 14 - Stegosaurs wins
Fight 15 - Shantungosaurus wins
Fight 16 - 2 Carnotaurus wins
A pine needle fell. The eagle saw it. The deer heard it. The bear smelled it
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Thanks for your input, theGrackle.
I really don't think a 10 meter theropod is beating a 30 meter sauropod though, as the size disparity is too much. Same goes for the 12 Smilodon vs Mapusaurus. However, both Tarbosaurus and Smilodon look a lot fiercer than they really are. Plus, you did mention on another thread that you aren't a prehistoric animal expert, and you did say you did only light research, so I can totally see why you thought that.
I agree with everything else though. Thanks again!
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Yeah, I am learning a lot more and more about prehistoric animals the more time I spend on the forum. You and other Dino- enthusiasts really help.
A pine needle fell. The eagle saw it. The deer heard it. The bear smelled it
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The only fights that I can process right now are the first four matchups-

Fight 1: Patagonian Toothfish wins.
They look more deadlier to me...

Fight 2: Swordfish wins.
It has the better weapon.

Fight 3: Bluefin Tuna wins.
It is too big.

Fight 4: Atlantic Blue Marlin wins.
Too big and has the better weopan.

The rest of the matchups- I am not sure... I am not good at dinosaurs and dino matchups. I will try to tell my opinions on them later.
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Thank you Acinonyx! I agree with everything so far.
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