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Interesting history thread
"Like people today, people of the medieval and Renaissance periods read how-to books. This manuscript by the greatest fencing-master of the late 1300s, Fiore Furlan dei Liberi da Premariacco, instructs the reader in the intricacies of combat. Lively illustrations of charging horses and armored knights accompany the text. Through words and pictures, the manuscript teaches a variety of fighting techniques including single combat on foot with sword, dagger, and ax, and also mounted combat in all its variations. Nicolò III d'Este, ruler of Ferrara, ordered at least three copies of this text, including this one. Nicolò's interest in such a manual was quite natural, since fighting played an important role in the education of young nobleman, and he himself was raising three sons."
(07-07-2019, 06:07 PM)Taipan Wrote: There are WW2 History buffs, who have spent so much time researching the identity, history and personal details of this battered girl filmed on the side of a road at the end of WW2. In the famous documentary series "The World at War", she was presented as a German Girl raped by the Red Army. It seems the story is different to that:

Injuries to her her face are obvious, but also note her swollen broken hand.

Yeah, the brutal post WW2 reprisal 'ethnic cleansing' of local-living Germans (mostly women, children, & old men),
is a shameful blot on the record of the Allies, & is studiously ignored, since it stains the 'liberation' story, along with the moral imperative narrative of the 'just' victors of WW2. 

Another post-war disgrace was the forced mass return of ex-Russians to Stalin's control, by the Western Allies.
Not really to do with any actual historical event, but still interesting, and still involves historical figures and history, so...
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]
Spartan war poet Tyrtaeus spoke of an old warrior who got stabbed in the balls and died.

Tyrtaeus Wrote:An aging warrior cut down in the vanguard of battle
disgraces the young. His head
is white, his beard is grey, and now he is spilling
his powerful spirit in the dust,
naked, holding in his hands his bloody testicles; a sight
for shame and anger.
Must've been a piss-weak warrior, check out how a true-school, warrior-breed, hard-man, copes with such an injury, its 'game on!'...

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