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create your own superhero
create your own superhero. Don't forget to post his stats and his weight, height, strengths, and weaknesses.

I've always thought shapeshifting would be the power I would want to have. Want to fly? Be an Eagle. Super-strength? Mammoth. Invisibility? Chameleon. So on and so forth

Anyway, my superhero would just be Aquaman but with his powers extending toward every animal on land as well as in the ocean. So like, infinitely more useful. (Might do a more detailed description later, this seems fun)

I also always liked the idea of a team of animal-inspired superheroes no not the power-rangers. Either they have the abilities of those animals, can transform into them animorphs or have some kind of mech-suits inspired by them. The lineup would maybe look something like: lion, hawk, wolf, elephant, gorilla, snake maybe?
Bjorn Daelander: a tall man ( 6 ft 4inch, 95 kgs) with blue eyes and dyed his hair blue as well. A former martial artist before becoming a blue star warrior. Took powers of many blue stars after the rapture of the blue ice bears, topaz ice bears, bluish white ice bears, etc to planet Diamond Kingdom.
Name: Isolated Warrior
Age: 48
Height: 6 ft 4 inch
Weight: 95 kgs
Physical Description: Tall, blue hair, bright blue eyes
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons:Wears shoes, has the energy of a blue star given by Bjorn North and all the animals he commanded (before they were raptured to the Blue diamond Kingdom).
Personality:Usually silent, friendly, faithful, compassionate, and contemplative.
Backstory: Isolated Warrior was brought up in a disfunctional home. His first martial arts teacher was his older sister who trains him when he was five (she was seven at that time). Isolated Warrior's sister left moved out of home when she was 16 leaving the young man to fend for himself. Isolated Warrior quickly improved in his martial arts skills under his sisters former teachers and ultimately join the navy seals to improve his stamina. He became known as the human 'blue ice bear'as he was top class in terms of fighting and endurance. Isolated Warrior trained in a sholin temple and learned all 170 moves in only 3 years. Isolated Warrior became a formidable fighter and could take out men larger than he was. One day, he met Delivering King who called him on journey but he refused as he had everything he wanted including a wife and two sons. Only when he was defeated by a huge man called 'Beast' did he comply.
Abilities:Great endurance and fighting abilities. Learns skills in only one day.
Weaknesses: Stubborn and persistent and uncoorporative unless things go his way.
Additional Information:Known as the human version of Bjorn North.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=61]
A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=75]

Picture of Isolated Warrior in his twenties.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=61]
A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.
Anyone else want to create superheroes? I have a few more for later but I will wait for others to post.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=61]
A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.
Is this Isolated Warrior Guy really a superhero or just a really good martial artists? Doesn't look like he has any superpowers.

Anyway, while I unfortunately don't have a superhero yet, I have created a system to classify heroism, similar to my list of vileness:

1. Low: Works with the good guys (due to a shared enemy), but is not particularly heroic.
2. Mid: An Anti-Hero. Good goals, ruthless means
3. High: A good guy who does not resort to morally questionable means, but doesn't quite have the heroism of the upper tiers.
4. Very High: A hero who performs great feats of heroism even when it comes at a high personal costs or when the average person could not care less (i.e. the involved people are strangers or have wronged the hero). May have a few flaws that keep them from being a Messiah.
5. Messiah: The best of the best. Incorruptible, intolerant of evil, not afraid of anything, never breaks their own principles.
Isolated Warrior began life as a martial artist and ended his life as a star warrior after the Third Creator (Blue Burning Fire) took him to planet Diamond where he commanded animals such as the blue ice bears (strongest land animals) to become blue stars. The energy of the blue stars was transferred to him and his men whenever a blue ice bear or any animal loyal to the Three Creators was raptured. Isolated Warrior is the most powerful blue star warrior alive other than his cousin Vain Glorious, his former disciple and rogue blue star warrior.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=61]
A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.
Daniel Lyons get it? is a twelve-year old boy who lives in a small town in Oregon. His mother and father are a keeper and a vet (respectively) at the local zoo, and he is the youngest of their three children. He is scrawny and weak, and unpopular in school (though not bullied), aside from a few friendly faces. He spends most of his time either accompanying his parents during their jobs or exploring his local woods by himself. Every day after school he makes a detour through the park to talk to the ducks. This is his life: this is normal.

One day the ducks talk back: this is not normal.

After a stressful and harrowing first few hours, Daniel soon comes to the realisation that he has somehow gained the ability to talk to animals. He can fully understand and be understood by everything from the family cat, to the squirrels in the woods, and even his father's patient: a lonely, sick, silverback gorilla. 

Now with his newfound ability, Daniel has more friends than ever, and his parents view him as some kind of zookeeping prodigy now that he can tell them exactly what the animals want or need. But not every animal is so happy to spill their secrets with a human, and some humans begin to grow suspicious. When separate plans to destroy the woods and shut down the zoo are uncovered, the animals beg for Daniel to help them, but he finds himself trapped between two worlds, and faced with the most ancient of questions.

Can man and animal ever truly coexist?

(Okay this story sounds like something that would be more at home in the 90's, but hey, not bad for being scribbled down in five minutes. Obviously this character isn't extremely powerful and doesn't possess superhuman abilities (other than one), but that's the kind of hero I prefer: the underdog, physically outmatched by most of his competition, but able to succeed and win powerful allies by virtue of their compassion and intelligence. Story includes a gratuitous chase/fight sequence where the gorilla character defends the boy from an attacking tiger, by smashing it with objects and furniture and trying to stay alive himself. Tiger gets injured and the boy treats her wounds so she comes back later to help him out, all that good tropey-stuff)

(Probably Tier 4 on Jinfengopteryx's heroism scale, 5 seems like the category for the likes of superman)
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I'm not creative enough to create a superhero =(
Imagine yourself with fire-breath. Boom, done.
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In five minutes? I'm impressed!

I also prefer underdogs, BTW.
Well I've had the rough idea for longer, but yeah, the finer details where just smooshed in there. I'm sure I could think of a better conflict than the standard 90's "They're gonna take the farm!"
(11-10-2018, 03:17 AM)Lightning Wrote: I'm not creative enough to create a superhero =(

Or create someone with abnormal abilities who is rejected even by his family.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=61]
A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.

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