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create your own superhero
Name: Clodwall
Age: 10 on his day on being kidnapped, 14 years old when he defeated his bullies from red dragons,18 when h became the leader of violet rocs and dated Amber, 19 when he escaped from Titan, 21 when he met Bjorn Daelander@Isolated Warrior
Height: 6 ft 4 inch
Weight: 100 kgs.
Physical Description: Tall, blond hair, blue eyes.
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons:Wears shoes, has the energy of a blue star given by Isolated Warrior (and only obtained all of it after his mentor was matryed).
Personality:Loyal, contemplative, serious, persistent (originaly a spoiled rich kid).
Backstory: Was initially placed among the blue jays as he was deemed to be weak until he defeated his bullies from the red dragons (and not only won their respect but became friends with them to the point he was able to sneak into training with them). Amber dated the leader of the bullies and only dated Clodwall after the bully was killed in a battle royale.
Abilities:Great endurance and fighting abilities. Is just as strong if not slightly stronger than Bjorn daelander, intelligent
Weaknesses: Will fight to death even if losing.
Additional Information: Deliveing King change his name from Clodwall to Eld.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
Anyone who is good at drawing or making comics? I am thinking of getting a good picture for Clodwall.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
Age: 17 when he was first introduced and he only began his adventure at 20 years old.
Height: 5 ft 9 inch
Weight: 62 kgs.
Physical Description: Tall, slim, black hair (dyed cyan or green), dark eyes.
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons:Wears shoes, has the energy of a cyan star/ purple and green star depending on versions, cyan sword.
Personality: Shy due to being born in a strict family. After 21, he became his outgoing self but often acted in wierd ways to overcompensate for his lack of confidence.
Backstory: Odd was a loser both in the world's eyes but when he became a follower of Delivering King, he became more confident and released the inner out going man. He acts weird to overcompensate at times and can be really immature and self centered to the point others consider him to have oppositional defiance disorder as he often goes the opposite of the norm just to over compensate for the years lost or for his lack f security. Despite his charming and good bedside manner, he never had a girlfrend in his life.
Additional Information: Odd became a green star warrior before becoming a cyan star warrior and is good in his technology.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
Name: Humble
Age: 25 years old when he went to planet Diamond
Height: 6 ft 3 inch
Weight: 70 kgs.
Physical Description: Tall, brown hair, blue green or green eyes.
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons:Wears shoes, has the energy of a blue star, a white sword which turned blue
Personality:Loyal, contemplative, serious, persistent, and faithful
Backstory: Met up with Grounder Pounder, Musician, and serious after Intimate introduced him to them.
Abilities:Great endurance and fighting abilities and agile. Has a fair level of discernment.
Weaknesses: Doesn't talk much.
Additional Information: He is one of the few that managed to command a huge neon blue toothed whale.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
Jinfeng, would you like to post Lukas or Kira's profile here. We could have a heroes battle Royale as well as one for the villains.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
Name: Kira Semenova
Age: 22 years
Gender: Female
Species: Human (modified)
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 70 kg
Appearance: Greasy dark hair, blue eyes, oily pale skin, tall and slim.
Occupation: Medical student
Personality: She suffers from a mild case of schizophrenia and speaks only in short sentences. Kira often hallucinates and has cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. She has very little goals beyond trying to make it stop.
She has a nihilistic worldview (to a certain extent, she already had it before her isolation), fears abandonment and thinks people are either with her or against her (all symptoms of borderline personality disorder).
In her childhood, she used to believe in UFOs and she was very afraid of death while she was still a human. It lessened once she got modified so that she wouldn’t age anymore. Even then, the finitude of life is why she views it as meaningless.
She also had an interest with martial arts and knows some BJJ moves.
Backstory: Kira was just an ordinary college student until a friend of hers told her about an UFO near her city. With another friend of hers called Chris Parker, she went to look after it. Unfortunately, she stumbled into Mustafa and Iris. She fought with Iris and one of her computer chips merged with her glove. She threw another computer chip in Chris’ direction. Mustafa captured her, explained his plan to her and asked her to comply. Kira was shocked by what they were planning and rejected. As a punishment for stalking them, Iris created a prison of concrete around her where she was buried alive and couldn’t move for months. Only her head was free for breathing and eating. It was worse than solitary confinement. Then, she got released on Teter where she went mad due to sensory overload.
She felt when Lukas & co. arrived and due to her paranoia antagonized them. She took back her glove, but Lukas & co. took it back. When they released her after she gave them minimal information, she knew she could trust them.
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons: Back on Earth, she preferred black dresses and make up along with lace gloves. After her modification, her black dress has been turned into practical combat armor made of carbon nanotube materials along with a visor.
Combat capacity: Mid superhuman
Goodness: Low to Mid (Anti-hero territory, at least at first she has little desires beyond personal gratification although she does seem to care for her friends)
-Fairly decent martial arts proficiency (can do things like triangle chokes)
-Superhuman speed, strength, durability, reflexes and senses
-Nanotech control: She can control nanobots with a computer. Like that, she can assemble and disassemble things.
-Survived a fall from dozens of meters in high gravity.
-Broke Lukas’ bones in a tackle even though he wore armor.
-Kept up with Lukas while he had a vehicle.
-Shrugged off gunshots and fire.
-Took several injuries from Iris with her enhanced strength while Kira was still a normal human
Standard equipment (not sure yet on this section):
-A palm pistol: Basically a small pistol which fires if you squeeze it
-A laser blaster rifle: It fires a pulsed laser which means not a single laser beam, but many small beams (it’s actually better that way)
-Rocket launcher(s): Why not? Because this is sci-fi, she can guide some missiles with her mind.
-Antimatter rifle: Fires bullets with a few nanograms of antimatter inside them. Upon impact, the magnets which hold the antimatter stop working, the antimatter collides with matter and boom (obviously not for close combat!)!
-Electron gun: Magnetically accelerated electrons hit the enemy in an Earth-like atmosphere. It looks and feels like being hit by a geometrically straight bolt of light-blue lighting.
-Her weapons are limited by the laws of physics (see Mustafa’s profile)
-Anything that resembles a coffin will trigger her PTSD
-Often hallucinates
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Just to clarify this: Kira was turned to a modified human before she was burried alive right? Thats how she survived for months.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
Yes. She would have survived anyway, as she could breathe and was fed, but that was why she had some residual traces of sanity left.
There's actually a wiki for superpowers

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