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Movie Trailers
The latest trailers and movie news for your most anticipated upcoming films!

I've never seen a Transformers movie in my life (thank god), but this looks like such a different movie to me. It's in that same 'heartwarming coming of age friendship' genre as some of my favourite films like The Iron Giant, How to Train Your Dragon, The Rescuers Down Under, and E.T. (which coincidentally also all feature a small child/teenager finding and befriending a giant creature in the woods and trying to keep it safe from people who want to hurt it. That's also a good genre)
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I love Disney's art as much I hate any CGI animated movie or live action adaptations; so this Aladdin trailer basically ruined my day! Thanks ScottishWildcat!
(joking, I'm used to this stuff by now, so there's nothing that can ruin my day anymore).. (I hope).
The live-action Jungle Book was great though

About the trailer...the music is good, and I like the parrot, but that’s about it. The set design is completely uninspired and Aladdin looks like he just stepped off a broadway stage. I think a five-second soundbite of Will Smith recording one of the genie’s famous lines would’ve saved t.
I always watch them before judging, and yeah, this JB was probably the best adaptation; it had a powerful look and it didn't try to replicate the animated version(except when they sang, awful stuff). Anyway, to me the interesting visual experience makes it seems better than it actually was as a movie.
But people appear to like this stuff, so it seems I'm always wrong when it comes to Pixar\modern Disney.
Honestly I could go on for hours and hours about how the Jungle Book reboot is such an amazing film that pays tribute to and builds off of both the original film in the book in such a way that it directly ties into the theme of the movie and creates a better overall story than either original product (singing was garbage though)

But yeah, Beauty and the Beast and “Maleficent”’s reboots sucked
I don't know how could it be better, since they are not comparable anyway; the live-action is a serious and dark adventure while the animated is a comedy. It would be like comparing a Lynch movie to a Farrelly Bros one.

Anyway, I could go on for days talking about the Jungle Book (1967) and how it is a milestone in comedy cinema, but I really don't like debating Arts when it comes to such different tastes. If people love their stuff as passionately as I do with mine(and you surely do, based on what you just written), then I'm more than happy, believe me.

Hey, when you want to talk about some good ol' stuff, I'm here, especially for such a cool guy like you, Marahuté.
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I read recently that they are making a Sword in the Stone live action movie. I really loved the original animated version when I was a kid. I wonder if this will be any good. From what I have read, it won't be released in theaters, but on a Disney streaming service coming up in 2019. No trailers yet. I will try to post on e when it's available.
A pine needle fell. The eagle saw it. The deer heard it. The bear smelled it
I think the Sword In the Stone gonna be done the same way of JB: an adventurous\dark and in this case fantasy adaptation (really trendy genre nowadays, and Disney company know it).
If they tried to replicate the charm, the authenticity, the delicate deepness, and the comedy of the animated version, they would totally flop. Live-action Jungle Book was not a bad movie and making it different from the original was a smart choice (for once).
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X men dark pheonix coming up.
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Top 15 upcoming fantasy trailers.

For the upcoming Aladdin film, Will Smith is going to play Robin William's role? I mean this is controversial considering this is the remake to a film that is literally known for Robin William's genie.
Too bored too watch movies I just play video games nowadays and watch YouTube videos..

This looks good though I like the animation
The lone wolf dies, while the pack survives...

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