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Movies Thread: The good, the bad, and the ridiculous
"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable"'s Live action movie is the worst idea ever. This is an objective and uncontested fact. Who the oh no a swear word thought it was a good idea to have 42 years old Yusuke Iseya play 28 years old Jotaro?
(10-25-2018, 04:31 AM)K9Bite Wrote: I didn't bother to watch Fallen Kingdom honestly.  I liked Jurassic World but realized I only liked it for the nostalgic callbacks it did. The idea of making dinosaurs for military purposes is such a dumb idea if i have to be blunt. Sounds like something a 10 year old made along with a drawing of a robot T.Rex. In today's modern war, hardly anyone uses animals anymore. I don't see german shepherds being used in the front lines nor horses being ridden to battle anymore. You're telling me they perfer having a expensive to make genetically modified dinosaur that takes intense training, care, and food needs for milatary work over a drone? I'm sorry, i love imagining fantastic ideas but that plot seriously has some pretty big flaws. Sorry for the rant, maybe it's just me being a dumb fanboy. I loved the JP movies since for ever. They were the main reason i love dinosaurs to this day.

I watched it, and it was fine, but so inaccurate I almost puked up my popcorn.
Back on topic, I think it would have been a lot better movie if it was scientifically accurate
(11-14-2018, 03:19 PM)Kazanshin Wrote: "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable"'s Live action movie is the worst idea ever. This is an objective and uncontested fact. Who the oh no a swear word thought it was a good idea to have 42 years old Yusuke Iseya play 28 years old Jotaro?
My first thought was "He always looked a bit older than he is, it can't be that bad". Then I saw the trailer and yup, he's too old.
Even though I'd definitely have to get used to that casting (especially Okuyasu looks kinda, bizarre), part of me still wants to see that movie. Is it only about the first few episodes or does it get to the man who only wants a peaceful life?
So, I watched three movies yesterday: Zootopia (good), Prometheus (bad) and Alien: Covenant (ridiculous).

Zootopia (minor spoiler warning):
Most of you probably already know it, but I'll still talk about it.
Basically, the rabbit wants to become a police officer, but no-one believes her. The fox who became a hustler because that's what society expects from him helps.
Really good movie about bigotry. Recommend watching. Despite being targeted at kids, the subject is very mature. And yes, not even the good guys are immune from being bigots. Also, the characters are well-developed, it's hard not to care for them.
The only negative point is that we have yet another of these Disney twist villains.

Prometheus (there are spoilers, that is, if you can spoil a movie like that):
Bad. But not nearly as bad as the sequel (see below).
I did care about the main character Elizabeth Shaw and about David. Also, the visuals are beautiful and the concept (they find an alien artifact but then it turns out the aliens have left dangerous remains) is interesting, reminds me of Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness.
However, I feel like it had a too large cast (much like the original Alien movie, unfortunately) for the short time, so I was not that attached to them (still more than in the sequel movie though) and the individual deaths did not matter so much.
The greatest problem was still the massive amount of idiocy required to move the plot forward. I get it, that's common in horror movies, but still no excuse.
"Hey Millburn, there's a creepy alien snake. What are you gonna do?"
"Touch it!"
Then there's the infamous running away from the Engineer ship...
How did these guys get their PhDs?

Alien Covenant (no spoilers, as you cannot spoil what is already rotten):
All of the flaws of Prometheus on crack.
So, it is pretty much impossible to understand this movie without having watched Prometheus. OK, how about continuing where it left off? You know, continuing the adventures of Shaw and David, answering her questions about the engineers. Nah, let's just kill Shaw off-screen, rendering all her struggle for survival meaningless and introduce a whole new cast of characters I couldn't care for less (especially with that in mind).
I get fans were disappointed not to see enough of the xenomorph in Prometheus, but did you really have to copy Alien that shamelessly? "There's a xenomorph on our ship, let's get it out of the airlock!" Seriously? The facehuggers and chestbursters don't shock me anymore either.
Next, we need to address the ginormous, mind-numbing, plot-necessary idiocy.
This list is not exhaustive.
"Hey, we're on a new planet! Should we check it for biohazards?"
"Nah, let's just walk around without our helmets and breathe in some deadly alien spores. What could possibly go wrong?"
(To be fair, they did that in Prometheus, too, but at least they were lucky this time)
"OK, Oram, you've just learned that David is a psychopath willing to kill humans for science. Are you gonna trust him?"
"Yes. When he tells me the xenomorph eggs are safe, I believe him. Heck, I will even touch them!"
"Karine is alone in a room with the Neomorph. Will you safe her Faris?"
"Nah, she's infected by its blood (just like me), so I will let her die and instead blow up the ship."
"So, most of our crew is dead, we are traumatized and possibly infected. Should we go in quarantine?
"Nah, let's have sex in the shower with music too loud to hear the xenomorph."
On a positive note: At least David won.
Zootopia is good but utterly forgettable like even a few months down the line. The twist villain is painfully obvious, the message, while-good, is ham-fisted, and the best thing about the movie is it’s world-building
I once saw someone use the sloth scene as a pretty great metaphor for the whole movie: it takes a long time to get to a place you already know it’s going to go

And while we’re here, Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book was a hot pile of trash and a blatant slap in the face both to the Disney movies and Kipling’s original book
Yeah, I have to admit that I've thought more about the two Alien films since yesterday.
Twist villain: I cannot comment on how obvious it is as I already knew who it is before watching the film, but yeah, it is bad. If you view David 8 as a twist villain, it was one of the few things in which the Alien films were superior (but even he was predictable).
Ham-fisted message: Could you elaborate? Maybe they laid on a bit thick and one of the weaknesses of the twist villains was that an opportunity to explore actual racism was wasted. However, I think the depiction of bigotry was mostly realistic, especially how it can even hit otherwise well-intentioned people.
What about the new Bumblebee movie? I quite liked it. Anyone else?
^Hopefully I'll watch that this Saturday.
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(01-03-2019, 02:11 AM)zergthe Wrote: What about the new Bumblebee movie? I quite liked it. Anyone else?

I have watched it. It is one of my favourite in 2018. I will refrain from talking about spoilers to those who haven't seen it yet.
(01-03-2019, 09:28 AM)Ausar Wrote: ^Hopefully I'll watch that this Saturday.

I just saw it today. And I thought it was great.
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]
I saw the first half of bird box and that was more than enough to convince me it's an utter failure. It's like someone had the bright idea to shamelessly copy part of The Happening and Part of A Quiet Place, and the issue is that the former was OK at best and the latter was meh when I watched it as it made little sense and was quite unrealistic but at least it was kinda original (emphasis on kinda, cough Ursa After Earth cough cough) but I could see why many people liked it. But just cause some people thought that it was neat doesn't mean you have to utterly rape it! Changing ears to eyes and then digging down for more stuff to rip off before deciding on adding another movie to the mix (The Happening) just for the fun of it is about as ridiculous, unoriginal, and stale as they come. How anyone could watch that giant pile of crap and not facepalm is beyond me.
[Image: giphy.gif]
the prince of egypt is easily one of the most underrated animated films ive ever seen. The stunning animation and the relationship of the brothers AND that bloody breathtaking soundtrack. Its best religious animated movie of all time.
Today I watched Dragon Ball Super: Broly. I thought it was okay/alright.
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]
I recently reviewed some sci-fi movies with high ratings, and they seemed a bit boring. For example, an oscar-winning film "the shape of water" was not bad, but I wasn't really excited about it. Many other "good" movies to me were not that good after all. Then I decided to find the worst sci-fi movies list, and I was surprised. Although some of them were really bad, most of them were amazingly good. For example, "Alien vs predator" dilogy gave me an exciting look at the predators race and culture, and the plot was pretty good(not in the second movie). In comparassion, the new "The Predator" movie looked like a stupid story for children. It wasn't possible to watch the ending without a big epic facepalm.
Also I have to defend another great movie, which sadly got an extremely low rating. It's the Warcraft movie. I know that some criticize it for using too much CGI(I think that criticizing movies because of lots of CGI is ridiculous and insane), but it wouldn't be fantasy without CGI, right? The actors' play in Warcraft was great, I didn't see lack of charisma or emotions, there were lots of emotions, and the movie itself didn't leave me indifferent. The plot is not like that of a regular movie, because this movie was supposed to be the beginning of a franchise, like Star Wars or LOTR. It's really sad that nobody's going to continue making Warcraft movies. I also watched Star Wars franchise, and after Return of the Jedi it felt like the atmosphere of the Star Wars universe was gone. It was like a modified copy of the episodes IV-VI. And by the way, Star Wars prequels didn't seem to be that bad after all. Of course, there are some annoying moments, but the fantastic atmosphere through the entire trilogy is more significant than some minor things like Jar Jar. The plot in the prequel trilogy of Star Wars was original and looks like a good unique story, followed by the older trilogy. Maybe that's because the new Star Wars movies were not made by George Lucas.
I also watched "Maze runner: the death cure", and found it absolutely ridiculous, lacking any kind of morale and sense. In the beginning we have a squad of elite troopers that wear armor and are armed with rifles that have the optical sight, so they should definitely hit any kids that try to do some sabotage, but all of these commandos can't hit anything, while some kids without real training, armed with old pistols, miraculously hit these commandos and the armor of these commandos magically disappears when they are hit. The rest of the story is about the post-apocalyptic civilization that tries to save the humanity from the super-infection being completely destroyed by the ill rebel-like men and immune kids that just wanted to go away. I really hated this ridiculous movie, it's terrible.
I could criticize movies about the alien invasions on Earth, etc. but I don't even watch them, because I know that some characters will eventually save the humanity, so it's completely uninteresting. The only movies with this plot that I liked are "Mars attacks" because it's a comedy and "War of the worlds" because Tom Cruise is awesome.
Also, I'd like to say something about the twilight saga. Not the most dynamic movies ever, but they are definitely good and watchable, nice fantasy romantic drama.
And finally, James Cameron's Avatar movie is what I think to be the best movie ever. The plot, the acters' play, the CGI - everything just made it amazing to watch. It's beautiful as a picture and interesting as a story.
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(10-13-2018, 11:43 PM)Gaurus Wrote: Did anyone see that new shark movie called The Meg?

Last night. It goes in the Bad Category!
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