Poll: bull sperm whale
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a pod of pygmy killer whales
0 0%
a pod of 4 bull orcas
3 75.00%
two manosaurs
0 0%
blue whale
0 0%
clears the gaunlet
1 25.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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Bull sperm whale at 55 tonnes runs the gaunlet
a huge bull sperm whales has to pass a gaunlet how far will he go?
This use to be more comments on the sperm whale back I the old carnivora days.
The sperm whale clears round 1. Round 2 would be a stalemate since the sperm whale is too large and durable while the 4 orcas are too fast and agile and are experienced in dodging and doing hit-and-run techniques. If I had to choose, then the orcas win after several hours. The sperm whale clears round 3 because, although mosasaurs are agile, they're not experienced in dodging and using hit-and-run techniques. Round 4 would be a stalemate because the blue whale is too large and durable to get killed by a sperm whale but does not have the weaponry to kill the sperm whale.
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Completely agree with Lightning
swim the gauntlet ... and might very well clears the gauntlet

or not .........
Just a normal guy who want to learn things !
Stops at orcas. Orcas can win after several hours.
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