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Maximus Gron, the cyan ice bear
Name: Maximus Gron
Age:20 plus
Gender: Male
Species: Cyan ice bear
Height: 62 ft on hind legs, 34 ft on all fours
Weight: 20 tonnes
Physical Description: Cyan fur, green blood, tongue, claws, intestines,skin, and teal eyes.
Picture: [Image: V9YNa9bQXATvGgHlXwkrhWCaPFi58JxLjTwoKhz5...ssoN9xgRDc]
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons: Claws, paws, huge bulk, thick fur, and strength
Personality: Usually silent, friendly, faithful, compassionate, and contemplative
Backstory: Maximus Gron was the largest of his kind. He was given the gift of speach by the Second Creator (Delivering King) and given power (blue energy) by the Third Creator (Blue Burning Fire). When the time to choose sides came, Maximus remained loyal to the Three Creators and used his breathe to blow away evil black death. Before being given the gift of speech and reason, the cyan ice bears preyed on bull mammoths, bull rhinos, bull aurochs and other ungulates, seals, sea lions, fish, bull walruses, reindeer, and even whales like belugas and narwhales. After being given the gift of speech and reason, some of his former prey remained loyal to the Three Creators and they therefore became his allies (e.g. the belugas and narwhales). However, the cyan ice bear still preys on the bull mammoths, seals, sea lions, bull aurochs, bull musk oxens, and other bull ungulates as well as rogue bull walruses which have defected to evil black death. The fish with short lifespan and weren't given the gift of speech and reason as well as the blue jellyfish and bright blue sea anemones remained or became part of his diet (main food on the menu). He became a cyan star after his kin was raptured to Kingdom of Life together with his allies (e.g. whales and dolphins and bright blue albastross).
Abilities:The cyan ice bear is the strongest land animal in the universe. Powerful even by bear standards, he can even kill a mammoth or rhino with a single swipe and pull down up to 20 times his weight. A cyan ice bear can defeat evil black death (even in his bright green dragon form) even before being given the gift of speech and reason.
Weaknesses: Like earth's polar bear, he is not adaptable to temperature change, however, this has been solved after Third Creator (Blue Burning Fire) gave him blue energy.
Additional Information: The cyan ice bear is not the last cyan star as there were still many more cyan stars available after the rapture of the cyan ice bears. The Zircon ice bear on planet zircon is a smaller version of the cyan ice bear.
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]

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