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Cape Leopard v Common Chimpanzee
Chimps bite the neck of smaller prey. They can't even give a proper neck bite to larger prey like a juvenile buspig or Colobus monkey let alone a leopard:

[Image: 3bfzSKK.png]

[Image: ou250Rw.png]

^ If they actually killed the something as big as the leopard, the neck bite would have been ineffective, and instead they would have thrashed the Leopard against a hard surface.

1st image source: Primate Politics edited by Glendon A. Schubert, Roger D. Masters

2nd image source: Wild Chimpanzees: Social Behavior of an Endangered Species  By Adam Clark Arcadi

Also, Ligada Faustin led a team in 2006, and discovered a dead leopard, yet no one took any pictures of the kill. 

Many older  documents have a photo of a chimp and a kill, or a photo of the body, but nothing in 2006? Just a paw that can be purchased anywhere else.

After that, the carcass just vanished. Yet all the other times they captured the aftermath, such as the distribution of the meat:

^ This video is also from 2005, according to the poster

The account sounds more like its from 1906 than 2006 with all the mystery added rather than any proper documentation. 

The paper may be scientific, but it is possible that the researchers may be hyping up the Bili Chimps reputation like how there are various documentaries on Bigfoot or Lochness Monster despite the lack of any credible evidence in the modern times.

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