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Polar Bear on land and in sea.
1 12.50%
Polar Bear on land, Leopard Seal in sea
7 87.50%
Leopard Seal on land, Polar Bear in sea
0 0%
Leopard Seal on land and in the sea.
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Polar Bear v Leopard Seal
Quote:Well hunting prey with a low sucess rate doesn't mean it not able to kill it. Leopard seals only catch the weak and unwary panguins in general. Lions fail in catching zebras at times yet they are still capable of killing zebras.
The big difference here is that zebras are larger than lions and can sometimes actually pose a threat, a young crabeater seal isn't causing any harm to an adult leopard seal, and failing to kill one with such a large size advantage is very unimpressive, especially when it had many chances to kill the seal. Also a young crabeater seal is several levels under an adult polar bear.

Quote:A 1000 to 1300 pound leopard seal will be larger than most polar bears.
No.. it honestly wouldn't.

[Image: rode-et-al-2014-fig-5b_foxe-basin-male-a...eights.jpg]
Lets assume this is 570kg.
570kg is 1,256 pounds, this is the average weight for the Foxe Basin Polar bear, you're using an above average sized leopard seal at 1,000+ pounds while they average around 800 pounds.

Also according to wikipedia crabeater seal pups are about 220 pounds when weaned, so this means this seal is facing off against an animal 1,000+ pounds more than their ideal prey. Leopard seals have also given me the impression that they're sort of clumsy.

I think the polar bear killing the seal is much more foreseeable than the reverse.
[Image: D17E0792.jpg]
The bear has never had to factor with such a formidable species of seal.

Certainly, when waterborne, the seal will be capable of dealing to the bear, at will.
Polar bear on land with minimal difficulty but otherwise leopard seal in the water.

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