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Arminius vs Lautaro
Arminius with an Ancient German Army of 10,000, armed with Germanic swords, frameas spears, plumbatae darts, fire-hardened clubs and axes.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJsEhsTfayXSxPx0NmNFS...kSWA6HNfVw]


Lautaro with a Mapuche Army of 10,000, armed with toqui axes, spears, maces and stone clubs.
[Image: Lautaro_Cañete.jpg]

The two men have a somewhat similar story to tell. But, when they meet on the battlefield, who will prevail?

This is a purely infantry battle (no cavalry), and both sides are using native weapons only, no captured Roman or Spanish weapons.

The battle takes place in an open field and the two armies start off 10 miles away from each other.
I think Lautaro would win after a very hard fight with high casualties on both sides. The Germans seem to have a slight technological advantage but I believe Lautaro is a better general than Arminius because Lautaro defeated the Spanish in numerous open battles whereas Arminius had the advantage of fighting in a jungle, being in a position whereby he could greatly deceive the Romans, having an element of surprise and having done a massive amount of preparation beforehand when he defeated the Romans in Teutoburg Forest. Plus, the Spanish who Lautaro fought had superior weapons and armour than the Romans who Arminius fought.
I agree Lightning. While defeating the Romans is an impressive feat, defeating the Spanish 1,500 years later is much more so, considering they had firearms. Lautaro wins.
A pine needle fell. The eagle saw it. The deer heard it. The bear smelled it
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Thanks, theGrackle!

I'd also like to know Kazanshin's opinion. And Aztec and Mustang's opinions too, they also seem to know about history.
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^Yeah, I like the battles you present, and Kazanshin's comments are always a great read. I am considering making a thread like these. I am just deciding on which challengers would be a good match.
A pine needle fell. The eagle saw it. The deer heard it. The bear smelled it
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But the statues of both look awesome, like the embodiment of resistance and struggle against foreign invasion, oppression and cruelty.
The Germanic barbarians have the edge of steel, & with even numbers, a power advantage, too.
Kazanshin, please post here if you have time.

Ausar, you too.
Huzzah! Kazanshin has been summoned!

Let's see here and... woah woah woah, the Mapuche are pitted against iron age Europeans? Poor poor poor Lautaro, may the gods bless his poor soul.

You see, stone is never a good substitute for iron. Stone may crush some bones, but iron will make you bleed to death and cause horrible infections. Stone mace vs germanic sword, sword wins. This is especially backed up by the fact that neither will be wearing any form of armor. Hell, the Germans might wear some leather, but that'll still be better than a poncho of plant fibers.

Lautaro is a good general indeed, but in all of his great victories, he had a significant numerical advantage. The same cannot be said for Arminius.

Now, in this fight, Lautaro doesn't have a good chance. However, give him what gave him the advantage againt the Spanish, and he will actually have a solid chance: the Malon cavalry. Cavalry is a good step up from the chariots the germanic warriors will be using. Added to the huge length of the tacuara lance and we have a deadly combination capable of greatly influencing the battle.
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I guess I was wrong and Arminius will actually win.
Arminius wins with very high casualties

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