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what type of holiday would you like?
Personally I would like a trip in a campervan and go around Australia (which I already have) but not in a campervan yet.
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That sounds like a great holiday. My wife and I really want to get to Australia soon, She wants to visit mainly on the East coast from Brisbane on South to Melbourne. I want to hit up more remote locations like Darwin and Alice Springs.

We also want to rent a camper to visit some US national parks. Our plan is to head North to Badlands NP in South Dakota, then west to Yellowstone NP, then South to the Grand Canyon NP, and finally East back to Texas to Big Bend NP.
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My dream holiday is an African Safari in an area with lots of megafauna, and I’ll actually be doing something similar in July! (Though it’s more of a research trip than a holiday)

I’m not exactly sure why but I’d love to spend a few weeks in a small American town in either New England or the Pacific Northwest. Not doing anything particularly touristy other than visiting a few zoos, just taking time to soak in the American experience (I have relatives that live in a town like this in Massachusetts, always fun to visit). I’d love to do a road trip of the major North American zoos too

Also once every year my family rents a country house in the Highlands of Scotland, usually somewhere quite remote and out in the hills and forests, they’re my favourite holidays of all
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I would also like to go for a trip to Scandinavia to see the history and the cities of the vikings' decendents and also to Canada to see polar bears.
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It’s disgraceful that Election Day isn’t already a holiday in America.
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